On Air

Workhorse Radio playlist for 05/14/2018

Twilight Circus Dub Sound Systembassie dub
Bill Laswellspace time paradox
Patti Smith Groupcitizenship
Led Zeppelinimmigrant song
Judas Priesttyrant
The Doorsstrange days
Led Zeppelinthats the way
David Bowiethe hearts filthy lesson
talking headsswamp
Talking Headroad to nowhere
Childish Gambinothis is america
The Rolling Stonesi can't be satisfied
Cute is What We Aim Fortheres a class for this
Childish Gambinothis is america
Danny Keanget it together*
The Rolling Stonespoison ivy
the walkaboutshake it up*
shawnee jacksoni cant make it without you
that handsome devilrob the president
the daddy mac blues bandslow ride
king khan and the shrinesotta harms way*
King Khan & The Shrinesi wanna be a girl*
The Village Peoplefire island
Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Bandspirits in the night
led zepilinramble on
Led Zeppelinwhat a whole lotta love

a bit political because this political b s is getting out of hand