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Deb's Slightly Less Than Random Asian Stuff playlist for 01/10/2010

ArtistTitleAlbum (* = New Release)
9와 숫자들 (9wah Sootjadeul) [9 & The Numbers]낮은 침대 (Najeun Chimdae) [Low Bed]9와 숫자들 (9wah Sootjadeul) [9 & The Numbers]*
Tobacco JuiceI Am Your Father쓰레기는 어디로 갈까요? (Seeuraegi Uhdiroh Galggayoh) [Where does the trash go?]*
Tobacco Juice버러지 (Buhruhji)쓰레기는 어디로 갈까요? (Seeuraegi Uhdiroh Galggayoh) [Where does the trash go?]*
Tobacco Juice눈물의 왈츠 (Noonmooreh Waltz) [Waltz of Tears]쓰레기는 어디로 갈까요? (Seeuraegi Uhdiroh Galggayoh) [Where does the trash go?]*
Tea Party해피포시즌 [Happy Four Seasons]Teapartism*
Tea Party마이너리그 슈퍼수타 [Minor League Superstar]Teapartism*
Angie삐에로 (Bbieroh)Angie
The MoonshinersE.S.P모험광백서 (Mohumkwangbaeksuh)*
The Moonshiners애인이 보낸 오류 보고서 (Ae'ini Bonaen Ohryoo Bogosuh)모험광백서 (Mohumkwangbaeksuh)*
The Moonshiners엽전들의 행성으로 (Yubjundeureh Haengsungeuroh)모험광백서 (Mohumkwangbaeksuh)*
Every single Day가시 (Gashi) [Apparent]Tom's Diary
Every Single Day ft. 요한 (Yohan)New BeginningTom's Diary
Dusty BlueHeaven Has Gone AwayUnknown Artist
Dusty Blue이젠 그녀를 놓아주세요 (Eejen Keunyureul No'ahjoosehyoh) [Now please go to her]Unknown Artist
Rimi ft. youngcook힘을 들어 (Himeul Deuruh) [For power]Awesome B**CHHH!!!
Rimi ft. 감자 (Kamja)비를 맞지 마 (Bireul Matjima) [Don't get rain]Awesome B**CHHH!!!
RimiBaby GirlsAwesome B**CHHH!!!
RimiMy TrotAwesome B**CHHH!!!
TATA Clan거기밑에 2009 (Kuhgimiteh 2009) [There under 2009]Love & Dung*
J'Kyun (정견/Jung Kyun) ft. Cynic밤새도록 (Bamsaedorok) [All night long]Just Clap
박삿갓 (Baksaggat)지친 하루 (Jichin Haroo) [Tired day]물감 (Moolgam) [Paint]*
리쌍 (Leessang) ft. YB (윤도현밴드/ Yoon Do Hyun Band)RunHexagonal*
오지은 (Oh Ji Eun)Love Song지은 (Ji Eun)
Modern TableLove SongModern Table*
Modern TableTo YouModern Table*
Modern TablePrayModern Table*
우리는 속옷도 생겼고 여자도 늘었다네 (We got underwear and lots of girls)Off사랑의 유람선 (Sarangeh Yooramsun) [Love Boat]

Tonight's show features a wide variety of music, both new and not-so-new. Tune in at 8 for two hours of great tunes!