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Deb's Slightly Less Than Random Asian Stuff playlist for 01/03/2010

ArtistTitleAlbum (* = New Release)
Microkid새로움 (Saero'oom) [Novelty]The Shadow of Your Smile*
임재범 (Yim Jae Bum)궤변 (Kwebyun) [sophistry]Yim Jae Bum II
자우림 (Jaoorim)팬이야 [I'm my fan]04
BabYFeeLAmerasian2012 A Beginning of A New Revolution*
Shinbi바보 (Babo) [Fool]Wonderful Life OST
Various아리랑 (Arirang)
Panic종이나비 (Jonginabi) [Paper Butterfly]Panic 04
Guckkasten씽크홀 [Sink Hole]Guckkasten*
Guckkasten바이올렛원드 [Violet Wand]Guckkasten*
Star Love Fish회색숲 (Hwesaeksoop)Star Love Fish
Every Single DayWonderTom's Diary
박삿갓 (Baksaggat)이상한 놈 (Isanghan Nom) [Strange Guy]물감 (Moolgam) [Paint]*
박삿갓 (Baksaggat)반칙이 법칙 (Banchigi Bupchik) [Law is False]물감 (Moolgam) [Paint]*
박삿갓 (Baksaggat)술과의 대화 (Soolgwa'eh Daehwa) [Alcohol & Chatting]물감 (Moolgam) [Paint]*
JA ft. 화나 (Fana)Under Confinement'90*
취랩 (Chwi Rap)씨알비극 (CR Biguek) [CR Tragedy]증오에서 삶으로 (Jeungoh'ehsuh Sarmeuroh) [Hatred of Life] LP*
Dynamic DuoUglyBand of Dynamic Brothers*
Dr. Core 911나이가 나를 먹다 (Na'igah Nareul Mukta) [Age Devours Me] (lion version)Eat or be Eaten
Peterpan ComplexI'm A Beautiful ManI'm A Beautiful Man
Swallow나는 고요하다 (Naneun Goyohada) [I'm Quiet]It*
Swallow두 사람 (Du Saram) [Two People]It*
The MoonshinersHere We Go모험광백서 (Mohumkwangbaeksuh)*

DSLTRAS kicks off the new year with new music from Microkid, BabYFeeL and many more. In addition to new music, tonight's show features older and traditional music.

Shinbi singing 바보 (Fool) off of the Wonderful Life soundtrack along with the classic Korean 아리랑 (Arirang) are for Ahmed in Setauket.

Send your requests to deb@wusb.fm or call 631-632-6901 during the show tonight from 8-10 PM.