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Here with me discussing his involvement with The Bioneers Conference and the Oslo Freedom Forum is James Skidmore.
Last program before election, we encourage individual and collective community action.

Chairman of the Patchogue street festival ALIVE AFTER FIVE
President of the Patchogue Chamber of Commerce
General Manager TOAST COFFEE HOUSE also in P-town

I promised new links to additional information on the CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION:

Myths and realities of a constitutional convention
Updated October 24, 2017 6:01 AM
By The Editorial Board of Newsday: https://www.newsday.com/opinion/editorial/myths-and-realities-of-a-new-y...

NY People’s Convention is an opportunity for all citizens to discuss major issues and work together on progressive solutions that can restore pride in our government and make New York a policy leader for the nation once again. If we want real, transformative change then we need to take transformative action. That means going around the lobbyists and special interests and bringing democracy directly to the people. We have that opportunity this November!

“Editorial endorsement: Vote 'yes' on NY constitutional convention”

Not the “Same Old Same Old Politics as Usual”:
Why Insiders Won’t Dominate a Constitutional Convention
Peter J. Galie and Christopher Bopst

The truth is, the political bosses of Albany are worried about losing their power. There are many, many union members from across the state that support a Constitutional Convention. Here’s Peggy Eason, former president of CSEA Local 259: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YkFBw5j-_3s&feature=youtu.be

Teamster Howie Hawkins, who is also running for Mayor of Syracuse, explains how the Constitutional Convention could end Albany’s pay-to-play culture.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hD-y3H1NbHI

For the past 20 years, 1996-2016, the average number of legislative amendments has been less than one amendment per year. So sure, the average since the last major rewrite has been close to 2 per year, but the overwhelming majority of amendments (74.5%) were written more than 50 years ago!

* The amount of legislative amendments has significantly decreased since the last major rewrite of our constitution in 1894. The vast majority of these amendments were small fixes or changes to the existing constitution
* Between 1943 and 1985, 14 amendments were passed (12% of amendments passed during this time), that simply gave the legislature the authority to do something
* Only ONE amendment having anything to do with healthcare was passed, and it was in 1969, and it related to loans for hospitals and similar facilities
* Only THREE amendments have anything to do with education, one from 1966 authorized the use of state lotteries to support education, another one from 1966 that allowed the legislature to provide for the education of the mentally ill, and one from 1977 that had to do with filling vacancies on the board of education
* Only TWO amendments were passed that have anything to do with civil rights, one from 1917 that related to suffrage (one of the only times something really important was passed), and one from 2001 that made the constitution gender neutral
* Of the 28 amendments that had to do with the environment, 17 were not focussed on environmental preservation, but rather constructing power-lines, highways, and ski routes on protected land or giving it away, including one amendment from 1973 that “increase the size of the land in the Adirondack and Catskill parks that the Legislature can dedicate for whatever purpose.”
* We have had more amendments relating to railroad grade crossing than we have had about civil rights or education (3 railroad grade crossing amendments, 2 each about civil rights and education)
* We have the same number of amendments regarding public officials refusing to give testimony as we do about either civil rights or education
* We have the same number of amendments permitting gambling in various capacities as the combined amount of civil rights and education amendments
* We have more amendments dealing with some form of indebtedness than we do dealing with education, health-care, criminal justice, and civil rights combined
* Only once has as amendment attempted to address bribery and abuse of privilege by public officers, back in 1962
* We have more amendments dealing with sewage than we do with education and civil rights combined