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Clam Radio playlist for 10/31/2017

ArtistTitleAlbum (* = New Release)LabelLink
The MothersDog BreathJust Another Band From LAZappa Records
Frank ZappaMammy Nun ThemeThingfishBarking Pumpkin
Frank ZappaBaby SnakesSheik YerboutiZappa Records
Frank ZappaWind Up Working In A Gas StationZoot AlluresZappa Records
Frank ZappaExcentifugal ForzApostrophe (*)Zappa Records
Frank ZappaThe Best Band You Never HeardHeavy Duty JudyZappa Records
Frank ZappaCrush All BoxesSocieties PagesZappa Records
Frank ZappaCrush All BoxesI'm A Beautiful GuyZappa Records
Frank ZappaCrush All BoxesBeauty Knows No PainZappa Records
Frank ZappaWaka JawakaYour MouthZappa Records
Frank ZappaThe Brut CologneThingfishBarking Pumpkin
Frank ZappaI Ain't Got No HeartTinseltown RebellionZappa Records
Frank ZappaMoggio (vinyl)The Man From UtopiaBarking Pumpkin
Frank ZappaPenguin In Bondage (Hybrid mix)Does Humor Belong In MusicZappa Records
Zappa / MothersZomby WoofOvernight SensationZappa Records
Frank ZappaGoblin GirlHave I Offened SomeobeZappa Records
Frank ZappaTink Walks AmokThe Man From UtopiaBarking Pumpkin
Banned From UtopiaThirteenSo You Don't Like Modern ArtMuffin Records
Frank ZappaDupree's Paradise (hybrid)Make A Jazz Noise Here / Perfect StrangerZappa Records
Frank ZappaWaka JawakaWaka JawakaZappa Records
Mr. Edison takes a swing
Mothers Of InventionHelp, I'm A Rock>It Can't Happen HereFreak OutZappa Records
Frank ZappaChunga's RevengeTrance FusionFrank From N. Carolina
Gilson AntunesWaltz For GuitarYou Tube
Frank ZappaJazz From HellJazz From HellBarking Pumpkin
Frank ZappaThe Black Page>Jones Crusher 10-29-77 Show 2Halloween 77 box
Frank ZappaJoe's GarageJoe's GarageBarking Pumpkin
Mothers Of InventionLove Of My LifeGreasy Love SongsZappa Records
Frank ZappaThe Village Inn>Steal AwayMystery DiscZappa Records
Baby Ray & The FernsThe World's Greatest SinnerStudio Z
Frank Zappa & Captain BeefheartMetal Man Has Won His WingsLost EpisodesZappa Records
Mothers Of InventionA Pound For A Brown On The Bus>Igor's Boogie2-23-69 Toronto, Canada
Mothers Of InventionDidja Get Any Onya? vinyl mixWeasels Ripped My Flesh
Frank ZappaFire And Chains>:Let's Make The Water Turn Black medleyMake A Jazz Noise HereBarking Pumpkin
Frank ZappaEat That QuestionMake A Jazz Noise Here / Perfect StrangerBarking Pumpkin
Frank ZappaBlack Napkins 1988Make A Jazz Noise Here
Frank ZappaKing Kong 1981Palladium, NYCYoutubewusb.fm
Frank ZappaAuld Ange SygnePalladium, NYCYoutube
Zappa / Beefheart/ MothersCarolina Hardcore EcstasyBongo FuryBarking Pumpkin
Mothers Of InventionLonely Little GirlWe're Only In It For The MoneyZappa Records
Frank ZappaI Want A NunThingfishZappa Records
Frank ZappaA Nun Suit Painted On Some On Old Boxes200 MotelsUnited Artists
Frank ZappaMusic Is A MiraclesInterviewYoutube
Frank ZappaNaval Aviation In ArtOrchestral FavoritesZappa Records
MothersConcentration MoonPlayground PsychoticsRyko Disc
Frank ZappaBeat It With Your FistShut Up And Play Yer GuitarZappa Records
Zappa / MothersBe Bop Tango (excerpt)Roxy & ElsewhereZappa Records
Frank ZappaThe Uncle Frankie ShowMystery DiscZappa Records
Mothers Of InventionGo Cry On Somebody Else's ShouldersMOFOZappa Records
Frank ZappaHoney Doncha Wanna Man Like MeZappa NY / YCDTOSA 6Zappa Records
MothersStudabaker HochJust Another Band From LAZappa Records
Frank ZappaThe Black PagesSpecial JT Edit-
Frank Zappa / Pierre BoulezLove StoryThe Perfect StrangerBarking Pumpkin
Frank ZappaIt Just Might Be A One Shot DealWaka JawakaZappa Records
Frank ZappaRudy Wants To Buy Yez A DrinkChunga's RevengeZappa Records
Mothers Of InventionFlower PunkWe're Only In It For The MoneyZappa Records
The Mothers Of InventionMy Guitar Wants To Kill Your Mama7-8-69 Boston, MA The Ark
Frank ZappaSharleenaYCDTOSA #3Ryko Disc
Wild Man FischerMerry Go RoundAn Evening WithBizarre
Wild Man FischerWild Man FischerAn Evening WithBizarre
Wild Man FischerFrankAn Evening WithBizarre
Jeffrey SimmonsLucille Has Messed My Mind UpLucille Has Mess My Mind Up
Frank ZappaI'm Stealing The Towels>Dental Hygiene Dilemma200 MotelsUnited Artists
Frank ZappaFeeding The Monkeys At Ma MaisonFeeding The Monkeys At Ma MaisonZappa Records
Michael HedgesSofa #1
Frank ZappaThis Ain't CNN>A Pig With WingsCivilization Phase IIIZappa Records
Frank ZappaDaddy Daddy Daddy200 MotelsZappa Records
Frank ZappaPurple Haze>Sunshine Of Your LoveThe Best Band You Never Heard In Your LifeZappa Records
The Mothers Of InventionThe Orange County Lumber Truck>Weasels Ripped My FleshWeasels Ripped My FleshZappa Records
Frank ZappaThe Radio Is BrokenThe Man From UtopiaZappa Records
Frank ZappaShall We Take Ourselves SeriouslyYCDTOSA #5Zappa Records
The Mothers Of InventionWipe OutArtisan AcetateArtisen
Frank ZappaCruisin' For BurgersZappa In New YorkZappa Records
Frank ZappaBrown MosesYCDTOS Vol. 1Ryko Disc
Frank ZappaEvil PrinceYCDTOS Vol. 1Ryko Disc
Mothers Of InventionBrown Shoes (hybrid)Absolutley Free / Tinsletown RebellionRyko Disc
Frank ZappaWhen The Lies So BigBroadway The Hard WayRyko Disc
Frank ZappaIn The Newts We Got200 MotelsUnited Artists
Frank ZappaI Left My heart In San FransicoThe Best Band you Never Heard In Your LifeRyko Disc
Frank ZappaDancin' Fool (Premier)10 / 28 77- HalloweenZappa Records
Frank ZappaDancin' FoolSheik YerboutiZappa Records
Frank ZappaTorture Never Stops (hybrid)Best Band You Never HeardZappa Records
Grand FunkOut To Get YouGood Singing Good PlayingMCA
Frank ZappaPeaches IIITinseltown RebellionZappa Records
Zappa / Beefheart/ Mothers200 Years (Unedited)Bongo FuryZappa Recordswusb.fm
Frank ZappaWhat's New In BaltimoreFrank Zappa Meets The Mothers Of PreventionZappa Records
Frank ZappaAncient ArmamentsHalloween
Frank ZappaFilthy HabitLatherZappa Records
The MothersLittle House I Used To Live In>The Mud SharkFillmore East, June 1971Zappa Records
The Mothers Of InventionKing KongMeat LightZappa Records
Frank ZappaLemme Take You To The BeachLatherZappa Records
Frank ZappaFlakesSheik YerboutiZappa Records
Frank Zappa & Captain BeefheartWillie The PimpHot RatsZappa Records
Frank ZappaApostropheApostrophe 'Zappa Records
Frank ZappaMarqueson's ChickenThem Or UsZappa Records
The Mothers Of InventionIgor's Boogie>Holiday In Berlin>Aybe SeaBurnt Weeny SandwichZappa Records
Frank ZappaRepublicansGuitarZappa Records
Zappa / MothersDinah Moe HummOvernight SensationZappa Records
L ShankarTouch Me ThereTouch Me ThereZappa Records
Frank ZappaThe Phone Call - My BabeJoe's CorsageZappa Records
Frank ZappaDu Wade De DumLumpy MoneyZappa Records
Frank ZappaFor The Young SophisticateTinseltown RebellionZappa Records
Frank ZappaLumpy Gravy Theme -Fascist USALumpy Money - CrossfireZappa Records
Frank ZappaMore Trouble EverydayBirthday BundleZappa Records
Frank ZappaIf I Were PresidentFrank Zappa For PresidentZappa Records
Frank ZappaUncle RemusApostrophe (*)Zappa Records
Frank Zappa9/8 Objects/ T'Mershi DuweenEverything Is Healing NicelyZappa Records
Mothers Of InventionMother PeopleMothermaniaZappa Records
Frank Zappa And The Mothers Of InventionPo-Jama PeopleOne Size Fits AllZappa Recordswusb.fm
Frank ZappaDead Girls Of LondonBuffalo 1980Zappa Records
Zappa/MothersCheepnisRoxy & ElsewhereZappa Records
Frank ZappaTwo On The TownBeat The Boots IIIZappa Records
Frank ZappaNavanaxCivilization Phase 3Zappa Records
Frank ZappaCrusin' For BurgersPlayground PsychoticsZappa Records
Frank ZappaKeep GreasyBuffalo 1980Zappa Records
Frank ZappaTeenage ProstituteShip Arriving Too Late To Save A Drowning WitchZappa Records
Frank ZappaRDNZL (hybrid mix)Sicily 1988, 1974, Studio TanZappa Records
Mothers Of InventionStatus Back BabyAbsolutely FreeZappa Recordswusb.fm
Frank ZappaSad Jane / Bob in Dacron (edited)L.S.O vol. 1Zappa Records
Frank ZappaThe ClapChunga's RevengeZappa Records
Frank ZappaI Was In A DrumCivilization Phase 3Zappa Records
Break / Rachel FlowersDweezil i.d. / Zomby WoofPersonal Collectionyoutube
The Mothers Of InventionCall Any Vegetable SuiteAbsolutely FreeZappa Records
Frank ZappaCleetus Awreetus-AwrightusThe Grand WazooZappa Records
Zappa/BeefheartThe Torture Never Stops (original)YCDTOS Vol. 4Ryko Disc
Frank ZappaDon't Eat The Yellow Snow SuiteApostrophe 'Zappa Records
The Mothers Of InventionFlorentine PogenOne Size Fits AllRyko Disc
Frank ZappaVillage Of The Sun>Echidna's Arf (Of You)>Don't You Ever Wash That Thing?YCDTOSA #2Ryko Disc
The Mothers Of InventionCheap Thrills (modified mix)Cruising With Ruben & The JetsRyko Disc
Frank ZappaLittle Girl Of Mine>The Closer You Are>Johnny Darling>No, No Cherry>The Man From Utopia>Mary LouYCDTOSA 4Ryko Disc
Frank ZappaPeaches En RegaliaHot RatsZappa Records
Frank ZappaRDNZLLatherZappa Records
Frank ZappaWatermelon In Easter HayJoe's Garage Act.3Zappa Records

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