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Horrorscope playlist for 09/30/2017

ArtistTitleAlbum (* = New Release)
PINK floydinterstellar overdrivepiper at gates of dawn
ariel pinktime to meet your goddedicated to bobby jameson*
warm bodyside a??extra warm/brain scan*
black lipseverybody loves a cocksuckerblack lips!
weensweet texas fireb-sides
sky juice
bardo pondcry baby cry (beatles cover)
ariel pinktime to live!!!dedicated to bobby jameson*
neon indiandeadbeat summerpsychic chasms
black lipsit wont b long (beatles cover)gods art or satans grafitti*
yogurt brainpick the cats eyes out (the scrotum poles cover)*
deerhunterstrange lights
my teenage stridesome bullets that you wont survive*
boards of canadaslow this bird down
Angelo Badalamentithe pink room
exceptermost of the albumblack beach
xyxcirco, tx
borismomento moridear*
swanssensitive skin
dead ridertouchy*
dark throneshadow of the horns
Weenspinal men
wolf eyes*
talking headswho cares
giant clawsoft channel 006*
Four Tetnew energy*
aphex twincheethat2*
david kanaga*
weenhappy colored marbles
Pontiakwayward prince
bardo pondmoment to moment*
bardo pondunder the pines*
Chastity Beltjames dean
Throbbing Gristle20 jazz funk hits