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Hypnosmoothie Radio playlist for 09/06/2017

Rita Di TizioLibertango
Gilberto GilExpresso 2222
Maria RitaO Homem Falou
CéuTempo de Amor
Beth Carvalho & Daniela MercuryChiclete com Banana
John Legend & the RootsCompared to What
Brett DennenMake You Crazy
Amos LeeFreedom
Dr JohnRight Place Wrong Time

Happy hump day! Much to share this morning as I have been away for a month and missed a couple programs….thank you fellow wusbees for hanging in there for me - so much has been happening!

Bringing it to the local level because that'e where our community is at, today you've heard a chat with Cindy Morris, candidate for Town Clerk in the Town of Brookhaven! I also be rambled about the Red Light Camera Program, the Red Cross, and the Red and Blue fight for the Green ballot line in Huntington!

Brought on the sounds by Rita Di Tizio, who’s jazz trio I came across during my recent Tuscany travels!