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Spiney Norman playlist for 07/26/2017

johnny fallinparty line
haskel maypartyline
sendersparty line
the wilder brothersparty line
loversparty line
kinksparty line
Sylvia La Torre & Bobby Gonzaleshello, party line
courtny rainparty line
prismparty line
Joey Ramoneparty
government issueparty line
andrea true connectionparty line
brass constructionparty line
champagneparty line
fifth platoonparty line
paul evansHello This Is Joannie (Telephone Answering Machine Song)
frank zappatelephone answering machine madness
stiff little fingersclosed groove
asylum choirNY op
don edwardsanswer your phone
nervehanging on the telephone
sherry rayphone
robin clarkDaddy, Daddy (Gotta Get A Phone In My Room)
american breedalone phone
natacha snitkinejeu du telephone
bobby veeanonymous phone call
frank zappatelephone conversation
George Jones with Tinatelephone call
ike and tina turnertell her I'm not home
merri wilsontelephone man
pork dukestelephone masturbator
dead bolttelephone the dead
the hentchmenate the phone
Johnny Otis & marci leetelephone baby
bill woodsphone me baby
Monty Pyhonis vic there?
department sis vic there
yoko onotelephone
beastie boyscookie puss
Steppen WolfEarschplittenloudenboomer