Oprah's Handbag playlist for 12/07/2009

Animal CollectiveGraze*
Animal CollectiveWhat Would I Want, Sky?*
Animal CollectiveBleed*
Animal CollectiveOn a Highway*
Animal CollectiveI Think I Can*
NumeratorsStrawberry Fields
Fuck ButtonsSpace Mountains*
Dan DeaconPaddling Ghost
Matias AguayoRollerskate*
Neon IndianEphemeral Artery*
Wild YaksRiver May Come*
Surfer BloodFloating Vibes
JapantherBumpin Rad Rapes
JapantherThe Dirge
Capgun CoupSitting on The Sidewalk*
Turbo FruitsNo Drugs To Use
Girls At DawnIt's The Only Time*
Acid Baby JesusBaby
Tan DollarTurning Point
Andrew CedermarkHard Livin'*
Family PortaitMega Secrets*
GrowlersHeehaw Stomp*
SlothbearDon't Taunt a Tiger*
Spider BagsQue Viva En Rocan Roll*
Spider BagsDishrag*
Spider BagsTeenage Eyes*
Spider BagsEileen*
Spider BagsAlphabet City Blues

Click here to check out the juicy interview with Daniel McGee of Spider Bags!
We talk about how he ran out of gas money and how awesome the Vivian Girls are. Check them out in NY on the 11th and 12th!