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Mr. X. Presents..... playlist for 05/23/2017

ArtistTitleAlbum (* = New Release)
cameron gravesour solar system*
chicago edge ensemblenot here you don't*
beatlesLSD take one*
beatlesSgt. PeP take six*
child's playGet off my cloud!*
thurston moorerock and roll consciousnessexalted*
lilacEverytime I go to heaven*
Brian Jonestown Massacrelike describing colors to a blind man on acid*
brian enodead finks don't talk
Vincent Kircherdreams from a laundromat*
sun kidsevening view*
chaz burdock meets the matron 2sonmoi*
votariesannihilation generation*
the patronthe patronpetty bourgeoisie
lydia lunchmechanical flattery
kevin ayerssong from the bottom of a well
LSD part one1966Capitol records
the dream eaterswe are a curse*
tides intrip with me
backdoor menout of my mind
the day breakerspsychedelic siren
the tombstonesi want you