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Deb's Slightly Less Than Random Asian Stuff playlist for 11/29/2009

ArtistTitleAlbum (* = New Release)
Deepflow ft. 화나 (Fana), Ignito불가항력 (Boolgahangryuk) [Irresistable Force]Vismajor
E-SensOne More ChanceNew Blood, Rapper Vol. 1
Honey Family ft. 채연 (Chae Yun), Jah-U, MC창진 (Changjin)오늘밤 일 (Ohneulbam Il) [Tonight] [More Version]네번째 이야기 (Fourth Story)`
Honey Family ft. Feel악몽 (Akmong) [Nightmare]네번째 이야기 (Fourth Story)`
Acoustic Perfume달리의 시간/그리움 (Talli'eh Shigan/Keuri'oom) [Unlike the time/Longing]Acoustic Perfume
Acoustic PerfumePerfect DayAcoustic Perfume
IbadiBenchStory of Us
Windy City와다다 친구 (Wadada Chingoo) [Wadada Friend]강아지 이야기 (Puppy Story)
SerengetiSerengeti (Pound Your Foot)Afro Afro
SerengetiWimbo (Gom PD Bam Ba Ya Mix)Afro Afro
The Moonshiners남국의 바다 (Namgookeh Badah) [Tropical Sea]모험광백서 (Mohumkwangbaeksuh)*
The MoonshinersWoo-Hoo-Hoo모험광백서 (Mohumkwangbaeksuh)*
T.A Copy달리 Go (Talli Go) [Otherwise Go]Go! On!

Deepflow's 불가항력 is dedicated to Julie, celebrating her birthday. Happy Birthday Julie, and I'm sorry I couldn't play any Jay Z for you tonight.

Acoustic Perfume's Perfect Day is dedicated to K by K, remembering all the Perfect Days spent together.