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Workhorse Radio playlist for 01/30/2017

Public Image Ltd.seattle
The Allman Brothers Bandin memory of elizebeth reed
black sabbathwasp behind the wall
grand funk rail roadparanoid
The Rolling Stonesgotta get away
The Rolling Stones19th nervous breakdown
Wierd Al Yankovicall about the pentiums
The Allman Brothers Bandtrouble no more
The Allman Brothers Band/Donald Bevesevery hungry woman
The Honey Drippersimpeach the president
lyn collinsthink
that hansome devilrob the president
Fearlets have a war
Fearnew york's allright
Humble Piei don't need no doctor
patti smithmidnight rider
The Allman Brothers Bandmidnightrider
David Bowiechanges
David Bowiea lad insane

rock,soul,r&b music to mark the first week of the new pres apprentice and passing of butch trucks legendary drummer of the allman brothers band