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Oprah's Handbag playlist for 09/25/2009

Tayisha BusayFrench Song (NITE CLUB Remix)*
Sugarplum FairiesWish I Never Saw The Sun*
RaveonettesHeart of Stone*
Royal BangsWar Bells*
Male BondingPumpkin*
Dreadful YawnsQueen & The Jokester
Talbot TagoraMixed Signals Through Miles of Pilgrimmage*
Frat DadUnit Lunch*
Fluffy LumbersCruisers*
Reading RainbowThe Sun Is Out*
Eternal SummersLight Switch*
Turbo FruitsNaked With You*
Spider BagsDog In The Snow*
Moses CampbellAnd It's Over*
Le LoupFamily*
Teengirl FantasyHoop Dreams*
Rainbow ArabiaHarlem Sunrise*
Abe VigodaLantern Lights
Cow's LipsA Complete Diagram*
Mystery of TwoGravity*
Times New VikingBorn Again Revisited*
Small BlackWeird Machines*
Baby Birds Don't Drink MilkTrain Fuzz*
Real EstateGreen River
Golden SilversMy Love Is A Seed That Doesn't Grow*
Turbo FruitsLotta Lotta Ladies*
So So GlosMold Baby (& The Queen Midas)

Yo baby. Tonight Pterodactyl & Fiasco at Silent Barn and Ganglians & Wavves at Market Hotel.