On Air

sub.rad playlist for 07/19/2009

ArtistTitleAlbum (* = New Release)
Steve Lieberman The Gangsta RabbiAnnihilate the Bass
Rollins BandInhale Exhale
F**ked UpDays of Last
It Dies TodayBlood Stained Bed Sheet Burden
GorodLife Controller
HellsawMoonrites Diabolicum
DeathPoliticians in My Eyes
RammsteinDas Alte Leid
Ereb AltorDark Nymph
ToolNo Quarter
RATMBullet in the Head (Live)
DanzigSkull Forest
The Lord HumongousSomething I Hate
MotorheadJust Cus' You Got the Power (Live)
Mos DefAuditorium*
The HorrorsI Can't...*
Depeche ModePerfect*
Los StraightjacketsTeen Beast*
Pet Shop BoysPandemonium*
SquirrelhouseThe Moviegoer*
RobotanistsSubtlety is Underrated*
Music from the FilmCome and see*
Cocktail SlippersLove me back*
Thieves like usMiss You*
Paul 'Snowflake' TaylorJust Can't Wait that Long Anymore*
We Were Promised Jet PacksShips With Holes Will Sink*
VeedeePhaedra Illusions*
William ShatnerRocket Man
Glenn Beck'Get Off My Phone' Radio Freak Out (Twilight Vampire Metal Remix)*
Hammerman Theme Song
Flea Market MontgomerySpooky Mix
Day of the DeadFun Trailer
Christian BaleRevoLucian Freak Out Remix
Tom WAitsWhat Keeps Mankind Alive
The ProdigyWarrior's Dance (Original)Warrior's Dance Remixes*
Mystery TrainTrailer
UK Wildcat Marching BandLivin' on a Prayer

special guest Leah Danger in the house!

12-1:30 metal
1:30-2:30 new tunes picked by LD
2:30-3 crazy stuff