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Everything Is Broken playlist for 12/29/2015

ArtistTitleAlbum (* = New Release)
MiriordorLa Rogue
MiriordorCobra Fakir
John WilliamsCantina Band 2Star Wars
PhideauxCrumbleDoomsday Afternoon
PhideauxFormaldhydeDoomsday Afternoon
IQStronger Than FrictionFrequency
Moon SafariDance Across the OceanThe Door Into Summer
John WilliamsCantina BandStar Wars (1977)
District 97The Perfect Young ManThe Trouble With Machines
Oblivion SunMy EyesThe High Places
Oblivion SunAwakeningThe High Places
Oblivion SunFlowersThe High Places
Oblivion SunThe RulesThe High Places
Oblivion SunThe CageThe High Places
Oblivion SunOur EyesThe High Places
Rx BanditsG2GGemini
Spocks BeardSomething VEry StrangeBrief Noctures and Dreamless Sleep
Magic PieMotions of DesireMotions of Desire

Captain Phil's Planet is filling in for Everything is Broken with no politics but lots of Music! EiB will be back next week or the week after!