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Purple Starlight playlist for 12/14/2015

ArtistTitleAlbum (* = New Release)
Leo Kottke & Mike Gordonliving in the countrysixty six steps
Leo Kottke & Mike Gordonthe gridsixty six steps
Leo Kottke & Mike Gordonringssixty six steps
Thelonius Monk Quartet with John ColtraneepistrophyCarnegie Hall
Thelonious Monk Quartet with John Coltranebye-yaCarnegie Hall
Jimmy Smithroot downroot down
The Motetget down tonight06.05.2015 red rocks*
Leftover Salmonlet's give a partynedfest 2011
String Cheese Incidentround the wheel07.02.2015 high sierra*
Railroad Earth w/Peter Rowanmidnight moonlight11.30.13
Medeski Martin & Woodbubblehouselive vienne 2002
phishwolfman's brother>12.07.97 dayton, OH
phishboogie on reggae woman12.07.97 dayton, OH
Phishtweezer reprise>09.06.2015 commerce city, CO*
Phishharpua>09.06.2015 commerce city, CO*
Phishafter midnight>09.06.2015 commerce city, CO*
PhishNO2>09.06.2015 commerce city, CO*
Phishkeyboard army>09.06.2015 commerce city, CO*
Phishyour pet cat>09.06.2015 commerce city, CO*
Phishonce in a lifetime09.06.2015 commerce city, CO*
Phishunited we stand09.06.2015 commerce city, CO*
Grateful Deadsugar magnolia>live at cow palace 12.31.1976
Grateful Deadeyes of the worldlive at cow palace 12.31.1976
Grateful Deadbroke down palacewinterland arena 06.08.77

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