Saturday's a Party playlist for 10/31/2015

ArtistTitleAlbum (* = New Release)LabelLink
ZappaGoblin GirlsHave I Offened SomeobeZappa Family trust/Universal
Zappa And The MothersZomby WoofOvernight SensationZappa Family trust/Universal
ZappaTorture Never Stops (Hybrid mix)Best Band You Never Heard / BuffaloRyko/ Zappa Family Trust
Zappa Beefheart MothersDebra KadabraBongo FuryRyko
Zappa Beefheart MothersCarolina Hardcore EcstasyBongo FuryRyko
ZappaDead Girls Of LondonBuffalo 1980 / YCDTOSA Vol. 5Zappa Family trust/Universal
Zappa And The MothersCheepnisRoxy & ElsewhereRykodisc
ZappaWould You Go All The Way?Chunga's RevengeZappa Family trust/Universal
ZappaCamarillo BrilloBaby Snakes SoundtrackRyko
ZappaMuffin ManYCDTOSA Vol.
ZappaBaby SnakesSheik YerboutiRykodisc
ZappaTrying To Grow A ChinSheik YerboutiRykodisc
ZappaDrowning WitchShip Arriving Too Late To Save Drowning WitchRykodisc
Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of InventionFlorentine PogenOne Size Fits AllZappa Family trust/Universal
ZappaDark WaterCivilization Phase III
ZappaLet's make The Water Turn BlackAhead Of Their TimeZappa Family trust/Universal
Zappa BoulezPerfect Stranger excerptThe Perfect Stranger
ZappaThe Dangerous KitchenYCDTOSA Vol.1Zappa Family trust/Universal
ZappaTake Your Clothes Off When You DanceLost Episodes
ZappaFilthy HabitsLather
ZappaFountain Of LoveThe Lost Episodes
Mothers Of InventionHow Could I Be Such A Fool?Mystery Disc
ZappaChunga's RevengeQuadiophiliac
ZappaDance Me This>Pachuco GavotteDance Me This
ZappaPenguins In Bondage (hybrid mix)1984 1974
ZappaLove Of My LifeTinseltown
Mothers Of InventionLike It Or NotAhead Of Their Time
ZappaNight SchoolJazz From HellRykodisc
Mothers Of InventionHungry Freaks DaddyThe Mofo ProjectZappa Records
ZappaWistful With A FistfulThing FishRykodisc
ZappaUncle RhebusThe Finer Moments
Mothers Of InventionThe Legend Of The Golden ArchesUncle MeatRykodisc
ZappaAlmost ChineseLumpy GrayRykodisc
ZappaDoreenCrush All BoxesSa3 Re-master
ZappaThe Idiot Bastard SonMothermaniaZappa Records
ZappaNun Suit Painted On Some Boxes200 MotelsMGM
ZappaI Promise Not To Come In Your MouthZappa In NYRykodisc
ZappaBig Leg EmmaZappa In NYRykodisc
ZappaMontrealImaginary Diseases
MothersLittle House I Used To Live InFillmore East, June 1971
MothersMudsharkFillmore East June 1971
Alex WinterInterviewAlex Winter / Bill Amutis
ZappaDon't Eat The Yellow
ZappaWonderful WinoZoot
TABACCO TAKES OVERLumpy Gravy (part 1)Lumpy GravyRykodisc
Zappa / MothersDog BreathDub Room SpecialZappa Records
Zappa / MothersUncle MeatDub Room SpecialZappa Records
ZappaLove StoryThe Perfect StrangerEMI
Mothers Of InventionHoliday In Berlin (Full Blown)Burnt Weeny SandwichesRykodisc
ZappaLumpy Gravy (part 2)Lumpy GravyRykodisc
ZappaI Was A Teenage MaltshopFZ /CB Radio Hour
Bob ZappaInterviewJT Interview With Bob
ZappaI'm So Happy I Could CryJoe's CorsageZappa
ZappaTake Your Clothes Off When You DanceThe Lost Episodes
ZappaTake Your Clothes Off When You DanceLumpy Gravy
Mothers Of InventionTake Your Clothes Off When You DanceWe're Only In It For The Money
ZappaTake Your Clothes Off When You DanceFZ:OZ
ZappaTake Your Clothes Off When You DanceYCDTOSA Vol. 6
ZappaRevised Music For Guitar and ViolinPonty Plays The Music Of Zappa/ Studio TanTabacco mix
ZappaDancin' Fool (Disco Mix)12"
ZappaThe Adventures Of Greggery PeccaryLather
ZappaThe Ocean Is The Ultimate SolutionLatherRequest
ZappaWhat's New In Baltimore?Meets The Mothers Of PreventionRequest
ZappaCrusin' For BurgersZappa In New YorkRequest
ZappaCrusin' For BurgersCarnegie HallRequest
ZappaCrusin' For BurgersMake A Jazz Noise HereRequest
Mothers of InventionCrusin' For BurgersUncle MeatRequest
ZappaPound For A Brown 78' SolosYCDTOSA Vol.4Request
Zappa / BeefheartOrangeclaw HammerZappa Beefheart RadioRequest
Frank Zappa & Tom DonahueHandsome Cabin Boy11-10-68 KSANRequest
ZappaWedding Dress Song>Handsome Cabin BoyThe Lost Episodes
ZappaWipe OutArtisan Acetate
ZappaYo MamaSheik YerboutiRequest
Zappaguitar intro10-15-78
Zappa w. Don PardoI'm the SlimeSNLRequest
ZappaSan BerdinoOne Size Fits AllRequest
Zappa & Dweezil ZappaSharleenaYCDTOSA 3Request
ZappaMontanaWhale Blubber Mitten
ZappaCity Of Tiny LightsMake A Jazz Noise HereRequest
ZappaPeaches en RegaliaBirthday BundleZappa Records
ZappaMore Trouble Every DayBirthday BundleZappa Records
Mothers Of InventionBow Tie DaddyWe're Only In It For The MoneyMobile Fidelity
ZappaAnswering Machine 1Home Recording
ZappaAnswering Machine 1Home Recording
Prophetic AttitudeWind QuintetLe Concert Impromptu
ZappaAnswering Machine 3Home Recording
ZappaNone Of The AboveThe Yellow Shark
ZappaAnswering Machine 4Home Recording
ZappaFor The Young SophisticateTinseltown RebellionRykodisc
ZappaAnswering Machine 5Home Recording
Prophetic AttitudeNo.7Le Concert Impromptu
ZappaAnswering Machine 6Home Recording
ZappaRhymin' ManBroadway The HardwayRykoddisc
ZappaAnswering Machine 7Home Recording
ZappaThe Black PagesTabacco Edits
ZappaThe Massive Improve'lence (excerpt)ThingfishRykodisc
ZappaThe Nancy And Mary MusicChunga's RevengeZappa
Zappa-BeefheartThe Torture Never Stops (Orig)YCDTOSA Vol.4Ryko
Zappa-BeefheartThe BlimpTrout Mask ReplicaStraight
Zappa-MothersCharles IvesYCDTOSA Vol. 5
Zappa-BeefheartMetal Man Has Won His WingsMystery Disc
ZappaFlakesSheik YerboutiZappa Records
ZappaWind Up Workin' In A Gas Station>Black Napkins (Osaka 2-3-76)Zoot AlluresZappa Records
ZappaMy Guitar Wants To Kill Your MamaThe Ark
Zappa-Les Carterintro to11-24-68
The VelvetsI
Richard Berry & The PharoahsLouie Louie
ZappaThirteenYDTOSA Vol. 6Rykodisc
ZappaTeenage WindYou Are What You IsRykodisc
Mothers Of InventionSon Of Suzy CreamcheeseAbsolutely FreeRykodisc
Zappa - MothersT Mershi DuweenYCDTOSA Vol.2Rykodisc
MothersStuderbaker HochJust Another Band From LARykodisc
ZappaStick It Out (excerpt)Joe's GarageRykodisc
ZappaLet's Make The Water Turn BlackMake A Jazz Noise HereRykodisc
ZappaHarry You're A BeastMake A Jazz Noise HereRykodisc
ZappaOh No!Make A Jazz Noise HereRykodisc
ZappaTell Me You Love MeTinseltown RebellionRykodisc
ZappaDirty LoveYCDTOSA Vol. 6Rykodisc
ZappaMagic FingersYCDTOSA Vol. 6Rykodisc
ZappaAin't Got No HeartTinseltown RebellionRykodisc
Zappa / MothersVillage Of The SunYCDTOSA Vol. 2Rykodisc
ZappaMoggioThe Man From UtopiaRykodisc
ZappaTinseltown RebellionDoes Humor Belong In MusicRykodisc
ZappaLittle Beige SambaMeets The Mothers Of PreventionRykoddisc
ZappaSt. Alphonso Pancake BreakfastApostropheRykoddisc
ZappaFather O'BlivionApostropheRykodisc
ZappaKeep It GreasyBuffalo 80Zappa Records
ZappaI'm So CuteBuffalo 80Zappa Records
ZappaTeenage ProstituteShip Arriving Too Late To Save A Drowning WitchRykodisc
ZappaRDNZL (Piano Solo)Studio TanRykodisc
Zappa And The Mothers Of InventionAndyOne Size Fits AllRykodisc
Mr Edison Goes Down
ZappaHelp I'm A Rock>It Can't Happen HereFreak Out
ZappaThe Radio Is BrokenThe Man From Utopia
ZappaThe Blue LightTinseltown Rebellion
ZappaPurple Haze>Sunshine Of Your LoveBest Band You Never Heard In Your Life
ZappaWe're Turning AgainFrank Zappa Meets The Mothers Of Prevention
ZappaHot Plate Heaven At The Green HotelDoes Humor Belong In Music?
Zappa & Linda RonstadtRemington Electric Razor
ZappaBoleroBest Band You Never Heard In Your Life
ZappaTitties 'N' BeerZappa In New Yortk
ZappaChana In Da Bushwop>Joe's Garage>Why Does It Hurt When I Pee?YCDTOSA 3
ZappaWatermelon In Easter HayJoe's Garage

Zappathon. The music of Frank Zappa for 12 hours. Hotcha!