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Deb's Slightly Less Than Random Asian Stuff playlist for 05/10/2009

ArtistTitleAlbum (* = New Release)
윤도현 밴드 (Yoon Do Hyun Band)엄마의 노래 (Umma'eh Norae) (Mom's Song)공존 (Kongjon)*
부활 (Boohwal)불면 (Boolmyun)이상 시선 (Isang Shisun) (Ideal Sight)
부활 (Boohwal)회상 (Hwesang)불의 발견 (Booreh Balkyun)
김경호 (Kim Kyung Ho)나의 그리움은 너의 뒤에... (Na'eh Keuri'oomeun Nu'eh Dwieh)탈출 (Talchool)
Mate그리워 (Keuriwuh)Be Mate*
Nell낙엽의 비 (Nakyubeh Bi)Speechless
Nell안녕히계세요 (Annyounghigyesehyoh)Healing Process CD 1
PiaMojo SellerBecome Clear
EveHotelWelcome To Planet Eve
자우림 (Jaoorim)미안해 널 미워해 (Mianhae Nul Miwuhae) (I'm sorry I hate you)연인 (Yunin)
자우림 (Jaoorim)격주코믹스 (Kyukjoo Comics)Purple Heart
Rumble Fish졸려 (Joelyuh)Swing Attack

Happy Mother's Day mom!

Also happy birthday to a very special fan in Korea.

Tonight's show features Korean metal, rock, alternative rock, and indie music, including a brand new release from newly formed band Mate.