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Everything Is Broken playlist for 09/01/2015

OUR NEW TIME STARTS TOMORROW: 1:00PM Eastern. Great show planned. we will look at activism on many fronts with an emphasis on food and nutrition.

Our featured guest, Hanna Essenburg is an activist splitting her time between South Florida and Long Island. An SBU grad, Hanna is a lifelong liberal. She became involved in various activist programs in Florida including GMO Free Florida, Just Label It, Prevent Obesity.net, and others. She wrote a petition on Change.org for Disney to “Offer Organic and Non-GMO Meal Options At Disney Resorts Worldwide.”

Hanna’s blog - Naturalwrites.Wordpress.com covers various issues ranging from corporate media lies to environmental degradation / toxic food supply, etc.

We will also be joined by our Senior Suffolk County Correspondent Bruce Stasiuk.