sub.rad playlist for 03/15/2009

'night of the living dead'
rage against the machineguerilla radio
black sabbathwar pigs (live in paris 1970)
tearabyteunder the sand*
turbonegrosell your body (to the night)
seizure crypt[track 3]*
The Modern Age Slaverydrop by drop*
Gaius AciliusCollapse of the Ancients
submarine racesaccidents*
castrofatemoment of catyclysm '09*
black label societysnowblind
sssflick the switch*
bauhausbela lugosi's dead
rootthe mystical words of the wise*
distrustno government cheese for this cracker*
a day to rememberholdin' it down for the underground*
netherbirdacross the chasm
within the ruinsholy mess*
deicidehomage for satan
gaggle of c**ksbomb me*
Narcosisscreaming i hate you while i slit my own throat*
corpus mortalecold earth*
arise and ruindoom sentence*
voodoo prophetanimal
grave diggerhell of disillusion*
iron maiden# of the beast
alice in chainsbleed the freak
corpus christii will never forget*
the casket crewtwo to a box*
mastodondivinations (instrumental)*
kraftwerkheavy metal kids
metro areatelex - moskow diskow (disco mix)*
the DEXorphandexters secret lounge
The DEXorphanhopeless cycle
conet projecttcp d3 26 sample count irdial
venetian snareseinstein-rosen bridge
the one matt bsuper 2 turbo*
dudley ghostdragon*
matt & kimgood ol' fashion nightmare*

thanks for all the requests, calls, IMs, messages and faxes! let's do it again in 2 weeks