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Oprah's Handbag playlist for 12/05/2014

Dead GhostsRoky Said
Pill WonderWasted by the Screen
Native AmericaOld Friends
Paul BaribeauI thought i could find you
Crumb CabinMoving Front
GirlpoolThis Place
GlobelampFade Away and Radiate
Dog LegsDear Ruth
RaveonettesThe End
Coarse LanguageHobby Bodies
Bad IndiansAre the Bees Gonna Buzz?
BronchoIt's On
Low LitasNo Good For You
Dirty ProjectorsSpray Paint the Walls
You Me & UsSwim or Sink
GraveRobbersWhaling City Blues
Anna HillburgYour Room
Cherry GlazerrHaxel Princess
Skinny BonesI Never Know
Haley BonarNo Sensitive Man
Chelsea WolfeFeral Love
Colour Me Wednesday, SpoonbuyHalf a Life
EARRINGBlack Chalk
Boy PatrolThinkin' of U
Be BrightNothing
TongoEs La Hora
JavelinC Town
Ana y JaimeA las seis
The Gooch PalmsFalse Identity