Blue Grass Time playlist for 08/27/2014

ArtistTitleAlbum (* = New Release)LabelLink
Buddy MerriamShake & HowdyIt's Blue Grass
Buddy MerriamHarmon's WaltzBack Roads
Buddy MerriamDeVine TimeBack Roads MandolinLily
Buddy MerriamCircle of ChiefsBack Roads MandolinLilyPad
Jr Sisk Joe MullinsThe Bluebirds Are Singing For MeHall of Fame BluegrassRebel
Jr SiskHonkey Tonked to DeathTrouble Follows Me*Rebel
Jr Sisk Joe MullinsNO Doubt About ItHall of Fame BluegrassRebel
Joe Mullins & the Radio RamblersNow the Summer's GoneAnother Day From Life*Rebel
Larry SparksBitterweedsLonesome & Then Some*Rebel
Larry Sparks/Ralph StanleyGoing Up Home to Live in Green PasturesLonesome & Then Some*Rebel
Larry SparksLoving You Too WellLonesome & Then SomeRebel
Crowe Lawson & WilliamsDo You Live What you PreachStanding Tall & Tough*Mtn. Home
Crowe Lawson & WilliamsOnce a Day/FraulienStanding Tall & Tough*Mtn. Home
Laurie Lewis & Kathy KallickCabin on a Mtn.Sing the Songs of Vern & raySpruce & Maple
Laurie Lewis & Kathy KallickLittle BirdieSing the Songs of Vern & Ray*Spruce & Maple
Laurie Lewis & Kathy KallickBlack Eyed SusieSing the Songs of Vern & Ray*Spruce & Maple
Laurie Lewis & Kathy KallickOh SussanaSing the Songs of Vern & Ray*Spruce & Maple
Laurie Lewis & Kathy KallickDown Amoung the Budded RosesSing the Songs of Vern & Ray*Spruce & Maple
Lauria Lewis Kathy KallickMontana CowboySing the Somgs of Vern & Ray*
Casey HenryThe Purple CreekPatuxent Banjo Project*Patuxent
Roland WhiteIf I LoseStraight Ahead Bluegrass*
Russ CarsonMy Old Home in BaltimorePatuxent Banjo Project*Putuxent
Roland WhiteOn My way Back to the Old HomeStraight Ahead Bluegrass*
Special ConsensusMatthewIBMABluegrass Ramble*IBMA
Grass CatsLife in the Mtn'sIBMA Bluegrass Ramble*IBMA
Donna UlisseeOne Way RiderIBMA Bluegrass Ramble*IBMA
Earl BrothersHard Times Down the RoadIBMA Bluegrass Ramble*IBMA

2 hours of bluegrass music!