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Oprah's Handbag playlist for 07/29/2014

DudesesameBuddy Glass
Tracy BryantToo Tired
Cherry GlazerrCry Baby
Wild BalbinaR.G.S.N.
Los DevitosNo Hope
Buffalo Sex ChangeBlack Circle
Os NoctambulosPolly
The HoneydipsNo Shirt, No Shoes
Black ZerosI Want You
She Keeps BeesIs What It Is
Palma VioletsRattlesnake Highway
Druggy PizzaI Wanna Eat Until I'm Dead
Desert Sharkscrazycrazy
TrunkWeedDays of Haze
Shale SatansGarbage Village
Los DevitosPyramid Plunder
Walter Mitty and his Makeshift orchestraholy cannoli
SluteverWhite Flag
The Polish AmbassadorSri Gurvastakam
Banco de GaiaWimble Toot (100th Monkey Remix)
Christine SweeneyBaby Come On Over
GirlpoolAmerican Beauty
SluteverNo Offense
Cherry GlazerrGlenn the Dawg
Surf CurseGoth Babe
RosesIt's Over
Cold FoamersDie, Yuppy Scum!
MumblrParty at your House
Grand MarinerDolphin Blood (beachparty)
Leather LungsIce Queen
Street EatersBlood::Muscles::Bones
Eye SeasEye Want

late night edition, tuesdays are the coolest days of the week! i <3 chews-day (interrupted by bad internet for a short period of time while we were having the most fun)