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Clam Radio playlist for 07/13/2014

ArtistTitleAlbum (* = New Release)LabelLink
Frank Zappa and The MothersI'm The Slime (hybrid mix)Overnight SensationZappa.com
Frank ZappaTeenage WindYou Are What You IsRykodisc
Frank Zappa And The Mothers Of InventionAndyOne Size Fits AllMobile Fidelity
Frank ZappaPeaches 3Birthday BundleZappa.com
Frank ZappaLemme Take You To The BeachStudio TanRykodisc
Ruben and The JetsJelly Roll GumdropGreasy Love SongsZappa.com
Frank ZappaTryin' To Grow A ChinSheik YerboutiZappa.com
Frank ZappaEnvelopesShip Arriving Too Late To Save A Drowning WitchRykodiscwusb.fm
FZI Like To Play MusicDialogYoutube.com
Frank ZappaYo CatsFrank Zappa Meets The Mothers Of PreventionRykodisc
Frank ZappaUncle RemusApostrophe (Re-mix_Rykodiscwusb.fm
Frank ZappaBe In My Video (JT Remaster)Them Or UsRykodisc
FZI Like prostitutesDialogYoutube.com
Frank ZappaTeenage ProstituteShip Arriving Too Late To Save A Drowning WitchRykodisc
Frank ZappaThe Radio Is BrokenMan From UtopiaRykodiscwusb.fm
Frank ZappaLittle UmbrellasHot RatsZappa.comwusb.fm
FZI've Seen A UFO OnceDialogYoutube.com
Frank Zappa and The Mothers Of InventionInca RoadsOne Size Fits AllMobile Fidelity
Frank ZappaWhen The Lies So BigBroadway The Hardwayzappa.com
Mr. Edison Takes Over Again
Frank Zappa-Ensemble ModerneWelcome To The United StatesThe Yellow SharkRykodisc
The Mothers Of InventionPlastic PeopleAbsolutely Free
The Mothers Of InventionConcentration Moon-Mom & DadWe're Only In It For The Money
The Mothers Of InventionHelp, I'm A Rock>Transylvania BoogieRoad Tapes, Venue #1
Frank ZappaThe Ocean Is The Ultimate SolutionSleep DirtZappa.comwusb.fm
Frank ZappaFor Calvin and His Next Two HitchikersThe Grand WazooZappa.com
Cal ShenkleLivePhone Interview
Frank ZappaEat That QuestionThe Grand WazooZappa.comwusb.fm
Frank ZappaFlakesSheik Yerbouti
FZPlaying guitarDialogYoutube.com
Frank ZappaBlack NapkinsZoot AlluresZappa.com
Zappa BeefheartWill You Drink My WaterZappa Beefheart Radio Show-
Mothers Of InventionToads Of The Short ForestWeasels Ripped My FleshZappa.com
Frank ZappaWould You Go All The WayChunga's RevengeZappa.com
Frank ZappaFlambaySleep DirtZappa.com
Mothers Of InventionTake Your Clothes Off When You DanceWe're Only In For The MoneyMobile Fidelitywusb.fm
Mothers / Lennon / OnoWell (Baby Please Don't Go)Playground PsychoticsRykodisc
Frank ZappaI Am The WalrusLive In 1988 BarcleonaYoutube.com
Frank ZappaWind Up Working In A Gas StationZoot AlluresZappa.com
Mothers Of InventionHarry Your BeastWe're Only In For The MoneyZappa.com
Frank ZappaOne Shot DealWaka JawakaZappa.com
Zappa Beefheart MothersAdvance RomanceBongo FuryRykodiscwusb.fm
Frank ZappaFarther OblivionLive 1974youtube.com
Claire BakerLive InterviewPhone Interview
Frank ZappaBaby SnakesSheik YerboutiRykodiscwusb.fm
The Mothers Of InventionStuff Up The CracksCruisin' With Ruben & The JetsZappa.com
Frank Zappa w. Dweezil ZappaSharleenaYou Can't Do That On Stage Anymore 3wusb.fm
Frank Zappa w. Bianca OdinYou Didn't Try To Call MePhilly '76Zappa.comwusb.fm
Layla ZoeLucille Has Messed My Mind Up4-12-11 Cologne
Candy ZappaAny Way The Wind Blows
The DiamondheadsAnyway the Wind BlowsLemme Take You To The Beach
The SpoilersAnyway The Wind BlowsLemme Take You To The Beach
Frank ZappaI Come From NowhereShip Arriving Too Late To Save A Drowning WitchRykodisc
Frank ZappaLove Of My LifeTinseltown RebellionRykodisc
Frank ZappaLittle Girl O' Mine medley-The Closer You AreYou Can't Do That On Stage Anymore 4
Frank ZappaFalling In Love Is A Stupid Habitdemo
Ruben & The JetsIf I Could Only Be Your Love AgainFor Real
L ShankarTouch Me ThereTouch Me ThereZappa Records
Zappa, Beefheart, MothersMuffin ManBongo FuryRykodisc
Ed Palermo and Candy ZappaDirectly From Heart To YouThe Bottom Line 2001
Frank ZappaCosmik DebrisThe Dub Room SpecialRykodiscwusb.fm
Zappa BeefheartOrange Claw HammerZappa Beefheart Radio
Frank ZappaSexMan From UtopiaRykodisc
Frank ZappaBaby Take Your Teeth OutThem Or UsRykodisc
Frank ZappaDIrty LovePhilly 76Zappa.com
Frank ZappaMy Guitar Wants To Kill Your MamaY.C.D.T.O.S.A Vol.6Rykodisc
Frank ZappaWIllie The PimpY.C.D.T.O.S.A Vol.5Rykodisc
Frank ZappaMagic FingersY.C.D.T.O.S.A Vol.6Rykodisc
Zappa Beefheart MothersCarolina Hardcore EcstasyBongo FuryRykodisc
Frank ZappaIn The Newts We Got200 Motels
Frank ZappaI Left My Heart In San FranciscoY.C.D.T.O.S.A Vol.5
Frank ZappaThe Torture Never StopsHybrid JT Mix
mr. edison begs
Frank ZappaHoney, Don't You Want A Man Like Me>Pick Me I'm CleanBuffalo
The Mothers Of InventionGet A LittleWeasels Ripped My Flesh
The Mothers Of InventionDidja Get Any Onya?Weasels Ripped My Flesh
Captain Beefheart & The Magic BandThe BlimpTrout Mask Replica
The Mothers Of InventionCharles IvesYCDTOSA #5
Terry Bozzio, Ralph Humphrey, Ruth UnderwoodBlack Page discussionZappa Roundtable
Frank ZappaThe Black Page Drum Solo>#1>#2Zappa In New York
Frank ZappaMoggioThe Man From Utopia
Frank ZappaAlien Orifice>Lucille Has Messed My Mind Up>City Of Tiny Lites11-3-84 Stony Brook, NY
Frank ZappaG Spot TornadoYellow Shark
Zappa / MothersCheepnisRoxy & Elsewhere
Frank ZappaJezabel BoyBroadway The HardwayRykodisc
Frank ZappaBrown MosesY.C.D.T.O.S.A Vol.1Rykodisc
Frank ZappaThe Evil PrinceY.C.D.T.O.S.A Vol.1Rykodisc
Mothers Of InventionBrown Shoes Hybrid MixAbsolutely FreeRykodiscwusb.fm
Mothers Of InventionAbsolutely Free (remix)We're Only In It For The MoneyRykodisc
Frank ZappaNight SchoolJazz From HellRykodisc
Frank ZappaDog Breath / Uncle MeatDub Room SpecialRykodisc
Frank ZappaT'Mershi DuweenRoad Tapes 2Rykodisc
Frank ZappaToken of My ExtremeJoe's GarageRykodisc
Inventionis MaterPeaches En Regaliayoutube
Frank ZappaPut A Motor In Your SelfCivilisation Phaze IIIRykodisc
Frank ZappaRoad LadiesChunga's RevengeZappa.com
Frank ZappaThe Gumbo VariationsHot RatsZappa.com
Frank ZappaSleep DirtSleep DirtZappa.com
Frank ZappaT'Mershi Duween>Reeny RaJoe's CamouflageVaulternatives
Frank ZappaWaka JawakaWaka JawakaZappa.com
Frank Zappa & MothersIt Can't Happen Here5-8-74 Edinboro
Frank ZappaMontana1974 unknown
The MothersHitch HikeJoe's CorsageVaulternatives
Frank Zappa, L. Shankar, Van MorrisonDead Girls Of LondonTouch Me There outtakeZappa.com
Frank ZappaRegyptian StrutSleep DirtZappa.com
Frank Zappa / Captain BeefheartI Was A Teenage Malt ShopMystery DiscRykodisc
Frank ZappaDoreen / Porn WarsCrush All Boxes
Frank ZappaTouring Can Make You Carzy200 MotelsUnited Artists
Frank ZappaPo-jama People (Live)1974 BostonYoutube.com
Frank Zappa and The Mothers Of InventionSofa No. 2One Size Fits AllRykodiscwusb.fm
Frank ZappaHeavenly Bank AccountYou Are What You IsRykodisc
Frank ZappaSuicide ChumpYou Are What You IsRykodisc
Frank ZappaCrew SlutJoe's GarageRykodisc
Frank ZappaThe Mammy NunsThing - FishRykodisc
Mothers Of InventionWPLJBurnt Weeny SandwichRykodiscwusb.fm
Frank ZappaNo Not NowShip Arriving Too Late To Save A Drowning WitchRykodiscwusb.fm
The MothersEddie, Are You Kidding?Just Another Band From LA
Frank ZappaSy BorgJoe's Garage
The MothersBlessed ReliefThe Grand Wazoo
Frank ZappaOutside NowYCDTOSA 4
Frank ZappaWowie ZowieYCDTOSA 4
Frank ZappaWhy Does It Hurt When I Pee?YCDTOSA 3
Frank ZappaWatermelon In Easter HayJoe's Garage

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