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Robot Radio playlist for 07/08/2014

Bad BrainsI Love Jah
Mazzy StarShe Hangs Brightly
WidowspeakIn The Pines
Beach HouseLazuli
Ariel PinkDriftwood
John MausCop Killer
Lust For YouthVirgins Hold Hands
Lust For YouthAlways Changing
Royal TruxOsiris
Royal TruxChances Are The Comets In Our Future
Psychic TVStolen Kisses
NicoLawns Of Dawn
NicoNo One Is There
Status QuoPictures Of Matchstick Men
Silver ApplesRuby
The United States Of AmericaHard Coming Love
Country Joe And The FishMagoo
The StoogesLoose
Tervet KadetPissaa ja paskaa
Jerrys KidsI Dont Belong
Sex ChurchDull Light
Sex ChurchHidden Hand
Pissed JeansIve Still Got You Icecream
Jesus LizardNub
The HomosexualsStill Living In My Car
The HomosexualsSoft South Africans
The FallThe Classical
The FallIceland
The FallIm Into C B
The FallNew Puritan
Teenage FanclubAlchoholiday