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Trim Mix Party playlist for 06/16/2014

ArtistTitleAlbum (* = New Release)Label
blu feat lmno and monbayangeldust#15*2 woc
apollo brown feat roc marcianolonely and cold#14*2 woc
apathycurse of the kennedys#13*2 woc
Ancient Jewlz (Reefa Rei + Sense) feat. Hell Razah (of Sunz Of Man)sacred seal#12*brand new
Es-K feat. C-Rayz Walzrest in peace#11*brand new
blueprintperspective#10*2 woc
john robinsonmodern vintage#9*3 woc
stl gld(moe pope and the architype)sunrise#8*3 woc
bluend of the world#7*2 woc
terminologyscandalous remix#6*3 woc
skyzoo feat torae sean priceall in together#5*2 woc
skyzoo feat toraethe aura#4*2 woc
apathythe grand leveler#3*2 woc
blu feat prodigy and phil the agonyred and gold#2*3 woc
mayhem lauren feat action bronson100 mph#1*2 woc
cutsupremeworrrddddddsupercharged megamix*mad props

this week a power packed trim mix with a new top 15 plus a hot supercharged megamixx(worddd)plus original joints that hiphop artists sampled and the joints that sampled it in the tyme machine