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Say Whats Radio playlist for 06/09/2014

Wolf EyesNo Answer
Galaxie DeluxeCircuit Breaker
DarksideFreak, Go Home
Pharaohs CapeMother
Lovely Bad ThingsDinosaur Song
Gooch PalmsNovo's
Rites WildIll Health
KutosisCrystal Beach
Drug Czar TapesGlitter Party
SangreSola en Casa III
Princesse NapalmMotorcycle & Jouet
Los NastysMe Lo Encontre asi
The RipratsWaiting
Black ZerosI Want You
GlobelampDaddy's Gone
The Blow UpsI Lose Control
Black ZerosAngel Baby
Sexy GirlsBirds
Bacon FudgeJaybirds
Los LemmingsTocamos Rock n Roll
Stevie WonderIsn't She Lovely
MilkstainsHarold's Lament
SantorosMy Buddy Jim
FuzzerNos Van a Matar
TrudyMy Baby's Gone Away
Gorilla DiscoNon-Jazz
Philip and the MarmaladeFrozen Meat
The SquitosYou're So Simple
Plastic DeathrayLocal Bookstore

DJ Crunch Wrap Supreme fillin in for DJ JD xo