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Oprah's Handbag playlist for 03/14/2014

Los NegativosA Tumba Abierta
Surf CurseFreaks
Fat CreepsCherry
PajaroLas Criaturas II
Hunx and his PunxBad Boy
Surf CursePonyboy
PajaroSierra Leone
Comrade QuestionOld
ParrotsDee Dee Dangerous
Cherry GlazerrHaxel Princess
L.A. WitchYour Ways
Tashaki MiyakiThere Was a Light
Levitation RoomTake Your Time
Comrade QuestionSmack
Chalk TalkBabe Paralysis
DottSmall Pony
LittlefootSad Love Song From Someone else
Mylee Grace and Ozzie WrongWrapped Up

#sadstory=life [+nasal]