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Robot Radio playlist for 02/04/2014

Damian JuradoJericho Road
Dead ChannelSubterranean City
Angel OlsenHi Five
The CleanOddity
The CleanAnything Could Happen
BeckNightmare Hippy Girl
DevoWorried Man
R Stevie MooreI Wish I Could Sing
Juan WautersSanity
Dead MilkmenSwordfish
Big UpsWool
Big UpsGoes Black
Rites Of SpringDeeper Than Inside
The VerlainesPyromaniac
Courtney BarnettAvant Gardener
Os MutantesBat Macumba
Black DicePigs
Louis Con Carne?
Raspberry BulbsCracked Flesh
Jerry's KidsLost
This HeatRainforest
SlintNosfuratu man
Captain BeefheartPachuco Cadaver
Lightning BoltAssassins
Pink and BrownMessy Messy Get Undressy
Black TimeBackdoor Man
Black TimeMass Production of Corpses
Positive NoiseGhosts
Of MontrealThe Past Is A Grotesque animal
Echo and The BunnymenMy White Devil