On Air

COOP Sky Blue playlist for 11/28/2008

ArtistTitleAlbum (* = New Release)
Al YankoviccLiving In the FridgeAlapalooza
Safety ScissorsFly In My SoupTainted Lunch
DubmatixGive Thanks & PraiseRenegade Rocker*
Cibo MatoKnow Your ChickenViva! La Woman
Kamara ThomasBulgaria IILarune's Bulgaria*
TallfezqTall Fences*
The RaconteursConsoler of the LonelyConsoler of the Lonely*
Leftover SalmonSquirrel Heads & GravyRound Mountain
Wasting TimeEvan*
KinksLow BudgetOne For the Road
Steely DanThe Last MallEverything Must Go
KinksPressureOne For the Road
Buck 65Talking Fishing BluesThis Right Here is Buck 65
Leftover SalmonIdaho SpudBuffalo 4/1/01
Al YankovicCouch PotatoPoodle Hat
Michael FalzeronoCandy ManWe Are All One
Amanda PalmerRuns In Te FamilyWho Killed
Marnie SternTransformersThis Is It
RamonesSomebody Put Someting In My DrinkHey! Ho! Let's Go!

Fillin with Habanero and Bobanero - all request show!!!