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Whatever Floats Yer Boat playlist for 10/04/2013

ArtistTitleAlbum (* = New Release)Link
Connie RaeThunder & LighteningCrimson Moon
Connie RaeJubileeCrimson Moon
Connie RaeHowl At The MoonCrimson Moon
Grateful DeadRippleAmerican Beauty
Democracy NowObamacare DemocNow 9-27-13WUSB archive*
Mal BlumOverseas NowTempest In A Teacup*
Treetop FlyersStorm Will PassThe Mountain Moves*
TeclaFake TearsWe Are The Lucky Ones*
Empire of the SunIce on the DuneIce on the Dune*
Laurie AndersonOnly An ExpertHomelandwww.youtube.com
Narada Michael WaldenThunder and LighteningThunder*
Jack's WaterfallRain & Driving SnowEverybody' s Music*
Matt StoneOrionNorthern Lights*
Kerry KearneyMississippi River Stompgot slide guitar?*
Eileen QuinnWorkin' On My Boat

The Long Island Nature Conservancy needs volunteers hardy enough to help load their boat and travel out on The Great South Bay to seed the bay bottom with clams.
In the past three years, their Shellfish Restoration Program has restocked the bay with over 7,000,000 cherrystone clams in places where they are most likely to spawn.

The hope is that if we can reintroduce these filter feeders to the bay, we can begin to clean it through natural means. Similar efforts are being tried in The Chesapeake Bay and New York harbor with oysters.

In 1976, 40% of the bay water was filtered by clams each day. Today, due to over harvesting and water pollution, that percentage is negligible and the Great South Bay is on life support.

If you can make it then to The West Sayville Boat Basin (at the end of Atlantic Avenue) Wed, Thurs, Fri of this week starting 9 and running to 2, then throughout the fall, weather permitting, Please email Chris Clapp at The Nature Conservancy at cclapp@tnc.org or phone him at

(631) 329-7689 Ext. 18 (Phone)
(631) 338-1966 (Mobile)

Pitch in for the bay, learn about The Nature Conservancy's efforts to revitalize the bay, and enjoy a half day on this still beautiful body of water.

You can learn more about Save The Great South Bay and this initiative here.