The Outer Library playlist for 08/07/2013

SplashhAll I wanna do
The Oh SeesToe Cuter - Thumb Buster
Crystal StiltsStar Crawl
Crystal StiltsFlying into the sun
Rich AucoinIT
Hott MTPeachy Mermaid
Major LazorYou're no good
AustraForgive me
This mortal coilanother day
End of set 1
Young GalaxyIn fire
Ebony BonesMystery Babylon Baloon
Summer CampFresh
Gauntlet HairBad Apple
Summer CampAlways
Julie RuinOh Come ON
Speedy OrtizTiger Tank
End of set 2
Pretty Girls Make GravesThe Teeth Collector
Blonde RedheadMissile
Hott MTThe Family Flea
DianaBorn Again
Mark Ronson and the business intlBang Bang Bang
Ryan HemsworthPerfectly
I Break HorsesDenial
Hott MT LiveNever Hate Again
End of Playlist

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