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Trim Mix Party playlist for 08/03/2013

ArtistTitleAlbum (* = New Release)Label
Slum Village (T3 + Young RJ + Illa J) feat. DJ Jazzy Jeff; Rapper Big Poohrock rock#15(2 woc)*
Kid Tsunami feat. Sean Pricebang exclusive#14(1 woc)*brand new
Wyld Bunch w/ DJ Brans feat. H. Lloyd (of Sputnik Brown); Oxygen (of Sputnik Brown); DJ Djazget it#13(3 woc)*
ed oghold u#12(6 woc)*
Marco Polo feat. MidaZ The Beastthat shit#11(3 woc)*
Count Bass D w/ DJ Crucial feat. M.F. Grimmthats good#10(2 woc)*
Cres (of Sucios de Mente) & !llmind (aka Illmind) feat. Skyzoostop me#9(1 woc)*brand new
John Robinson & Kyo Itachimystical strings remix#8(1 woc)*brand new
Dirt Platoon w/ Kyo Itachiarmy of two#7(1 woc)*brand new
Bronze Nazarethblenders#6(1 woc)*brand new
marco polo feat artifactsback to work#5(3 woc)*
Nutso & DJ Low Cut feat. Dirt Platoon; DJ Nix'Onno room for snitches#4(3 woc)*
Megadon feat. Ruste Juxx & Smif-N-Wessun & Sadat Xcanon#3(2 woc)*
De La Soulget away#2(1 woc)*brand new
Hannibal Stax & Marco Polo feat toraewarriorz drum#1(1 woc)*brand new

this week we had a new top 15 plus a crazy extended ride in the tyme machine