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The Outer Library playlist for 04/03/2013

Pacific AirFloat (RAC mix)
Moon KingSleeping in my Car
Mozart's SisterMozart's Sister
End of Set 1
Sam SparroHappiness (the magician remix)
SoulwaxNY Excuse
Wax IdolsWhen it happens
Mozart's SisterDon't leave it to me
SugarcubesF****** Rhythm and Sorrow
End of Set 2
TelekinesisGhosts & Creatures
Taken By TreesLarge
Geinoh YamashirogumiKaneda
Cocteau TwinsPearly Dewdrops drops
Stil CornersInto the trees
My Bloody ValentineOnly Tomorrow
End of Set 3
Mozart's SisterContentedness
Moon KingCrucified
Pony BoyGreatest Unknown
Solid GoldDanger Zone (kenny loggins cover)
End of set 4
DianaBorn Again
Still CornersFireflies
Porcelain RaftA Dream I had
GPSMYHThe Cat on the Porch
End of Playlist

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