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Deb's Slightly Less Than Random Asian Stuff playlist for 10/19/2008

ArtistTitleAlbum (* = New Release)
저우림 (Jaoorim)The DevilRuby Sapphire Diamond*
No Brain살고 싶소 (Salgo Shipsoh)Viva NoBrain
No Brain성난 젊음 (Sungnan Jurmeum)청년폭도맹진가 (Chungnyun Pokdoh Maengjingah)
Crying NutOh My 007고물 라디오 (Gohmool Radio)
성시경 (Sung Si Kyung)당신에겐 특별한 뭔가가 있어요 (Tangshinehgehn Teukbyulhan Mwungagah Issuhyoh)다시 꿈꾸고 싶다 (Dashi Ggoomggoogoh Shipdah)
Bulldogmansion사랑은 구라파에서 (Sarangeun Goorapahehsuh)Salon de Musica
조PD (Cho PD)Break Free (Radio Edit)In Stardom
Double KIt's Time To GoPositive Mind
Epik HighLesson 2 (Sunset)High Society
리쌍 (Leessang)아름다운 추억 (Areumdaoon Choouk)재, 계발 (Jae, Kyehbal)
조PD (Cho PD)이야기 속으로 IV (Eeyahgee Sogeuroh IV)Politics & Social Change

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Today's show features the usual mix of slightly less than random Korean music.

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Check out Korean turntablist DJ Soulscape at CMJ Music Marathon this Thursday.
Where? Drom - 85 Ave A @ 6th St, New York
When? October 23, 11:15 PM