An Eclectic Mess playlist for 10/25/2012

Frank ZappaIt's ok to be smart
Black Napkins
NYC Halloween Audience
The Poodle Lecture
Dirty Love
Magic Fingers
Zoot Allures
Advance Romance
Carolina Hardcore Ectasy
Easy Meat
Dead Girls Of London
Willie The Pimp
Baby Snakes
Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance
Panty Rap
Fine Girl
Dance Contest
The Black Page
Jones Crusher
Disco Boy
Punkys Whips
Nig Biz
Alien Orifice
Be In My Video
The Deathless Horsie
Dumb All Over
Heavenly Bank Account
Suicide Chump
Sinister Footwear II
Joes Garage
Strictly Genteel
Ancient Armaments
Do you have any last words for the LI audience

Zappa special in honor of all the Halloween concerts Frank did in NY