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Everything Is Broken playlist for 08/28/2012

A very special show indeed! Our featured guest is Earl Caldwell, Writer in Residence at Hampton University in VA, and at the Robert C. Maynard Institute for Journalism Education in Oakland, CA; journalist and radio personality on pacifica radio with his Caldwell Chronicles, airing on Fridays, 4-6PM on WBAI New York.

Caldwell is a nationally renowned journalist who has witnessed and chronicled some of the most important civil rights events of the past 40 years and was the only reporter present when Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated.

Earl Caldwell rose to fame while a reporter at The New York Times when he refused to disclose information to the FBI and the Nixon Administration involving his sources in the Black Panther party. The case, United States v. Caldwell, reached the U.S. Supreme Court in 1972 when the court ruled against him. The “Caldwell Case” led to the enactment of shield laws in many states that allow reporters to protect sources and information. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Earl_Caldwell_(journalist)

Our resident storyteller, Margaret Meyers will join us from the twin cities. Margaret’s website is www.storyteller.net/tellers/mmeyers

For our music … pop and rock from Fountains of Wayne. They will tour our area in November – Morristown NJ, Brooklyn, Tarrytown and Bay Shore (Bolton Center) 11/17. http://www.fountainsofwayne.com/