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The Nick Show playlist for 08/07/2012

ArtistTitleAlbum (* = New Release)Label
Tiger HighMyth is thisMyth is This*trashy creatures
Laura GibsonMilk Heavey-Pollen eyedLa Grande*Barsuk Records
Twin ShadowThe OneConfess*4AD
Guantanamo BaywatchWe Came with DottieChest Crawl*Dirtnap
yer dj bloviates
The Olivia Tremor ControlShaving SpidersSingles and BeyondEmporor Norton
The Tallest Man on EarthTo Just Grow awayTheres no leaving now*dead oceans
Tango in the AttickMona Lisa Overdrivesellotape*CCM
GravenhurstThe FoundryThe Ghost in Daylight*Warp
Ty Seagall bandDeathslaughterhouse*In the red
Olivia Tremor ControlGypsom oilfield fireSingles and beyondEmperor Norton
yr dj heaves
Love Like Hate21Rabbit Hole*
Chris BlackBuster KeatonDrunk at the funereal*
Knotted CordAnd yet itselfUse Your mind powers for hours and hours*
CeramonyRepeating the circleZoo*matador
Grand DuchyIlliterate Loverslet the people speak*Sonic Unyon
yer dj convulses
Alice CohenThe LocksmithPink keys*
Grass WidowUnder the atmosphereInternal logic*HLR
Andy and the door bumthe otherthe man killed the bird,the bird killed*slanty shan't
WoodsOut of the eyesun and shade*woodsist
hot air
Allo DarlinNorthern LightsEurope*slumberland
Wizrds of timeode to bravowill the soft curse plague on?*