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Interzone with Chris Phillips playlist for 08/03/2012

ArtistTitleAlbum (* = New Release)Link
off!borrow and bomboff!*
mission of burmapart the seaunsound*
ty segallbuick mackanety-rex*
your dj speaks
ariel pink's haunted graffitischnitzel boogiemature themes*
black timeglass shatterssplit w/ ty segall
gun clubshe's like heroin to melife and times of jeffrey lee pierce
moe tuckerlittle girldogs under stress
olivia tremor controlholiday surprisedusk at cubist castle
peaking lightslo hilo hi (single)*
your dj speaks
richard youngsthe healing of everyonecore to the brave*
the shallowstrial by separationtime to go: the southern psychedelic movement 1981 - 1986*
rene helllighthouse marvelthe terminal symphony
cabaret voltaireseconds too latetrevor jackson presents metal dance
your dj speaks
the moody wallen bandsupermenthe supermenmastermusiciansofportjeffereson.blogspot.com
disappearsjoapre language*
mickey murrayi don't know whypeople are together (reissue)*
neung phakwai wai wai2*
delores vargasanana hipachilifunk: gypsy soul 1969 - 1979
unknown artistuntitledforbidden gang funk fro rio de janiero
asha boshle with RD Burmandum maro dum livesitar beat! indian style heavy funk vol. 1
the clashoverpowered by funkcombat rock
your dj speaks
geneva jacuzzithe sleep roomthe minimal wave tapes vol. 2*
irving klaw trioearn itutek pahtoo mogoi
stanley murphykossokpaivory coast soul vol. 2*
nath familyside 2sounds of the indian snake charmer vol. 2
scorched earth policyjohnny frogkeep away from the wires
your dj speaks
parson soundone quiet afternoon (in king's garden)parson sound
lou reedgravityinspired by the film nanking
the bevis frondheavy handthe leaving of london
your dj speaks
the lost soundsnone killerlost lost*

RIP Bill Doss