Interzone with Chris Phillips playlist for 06/15/2012

ArtistTitleAlbum (* = New Release)Link
canhot day in kolnouttake edition: studio tracks (vocal overdub)
govend-nareshdance musicthe bombay connection
your dj speaks
moody wallen bandcarol maldororcarol maldoror*
the folk spectreradio pikathe blackest medicine
400 blowsgroove jumpingyesterday, today, tomorrow forever: a retrospective
the sunburned hand of the manskullcapanatomy vol. 1
patti smithjust kidsbanga*
your dj speaks
aaron freemandoesn't anybody know my namemarvelous clouds*
leonard cohencome healingold ideas*
amps for christlord batemansplt w/ woods*
disappearslove drug/radiationlive @ wfmu*
electric jellyfishtrouble coming downtrouble coming down*
les louise mitchelsunititledlive*
your dj speaks
mount carmeldon't make me evilreal women*
the ember mulholland groupwidower's songclub de jazz presents?*
mary halvorson triosank silver purple white (no. 5)dragon's head
laso halosleepytime jazzlaso halo*
jim sullivanso naturalU.F.O.
your dj speaks
last shadow puppetsmy mistakes were made for youthe age of the understatement
serge gainsbourg with michel colombierpuschastenie (miles' drum edit)sitar beat! indian style heavy funk vol. 1
charanjit singhraga todisynthesizing: ten ragas to a disco beat
necromadushomicidal psychopathorexis of death
the mighty hannibalin the midnight hourhannibalism
charles bradleyhow longno time for dreaming
your dj speaks
the flaming lips w/ erykah baduthe first time ever i saw your facethe flaming lips and heady fwends*
lower densbrainsnootropics*
mahogany brainrose sad seasmooth sick lights
master musician of joujoukait's hard to leave someonejoujouka black eyes
michel magnefantomas flirtefantomas