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No Apologies playlist for 04/15/2012

ArtistTitleAlbum (* = New Release)
ZappaPenguin In BondageZFT Roxy
ZappaRegyptian StrutSleep Dirt
Mothers Of InventionCruising For BurgersUncle Meat
ZappaDoreenCrush All Boxes
ZappaExcinstrifugal ForzApostrophe
ZappaDown In The DewLater
ZappaCity Of Tiny Lites-Dancin' FoolSheik Yerbouti
Mothers Of InventionYou're Probably Wondering Why I'm HereFreak Out
Frank ZappaThem Or UsThem Or Us
Layla ZoeLucille Has Messed My Mind UpYou Tube
Frank ZappaSharleenaChunga's Revenge
Frank Zappa & Johnny Otisintro to11-2-70 KPPC
The PenguinsMemories Of El Monte11-2-70 Kppc
The Mothers Of InventionCheap Thrills (vinyl mix)Greasy Love Songs
Frank Zappaintro-CharvaMystery Disc
Frank ZappaLeather GoodsLeather
Frank ZappaThe Grand WazooThe Grand Wazoo
Frank ZappaRDNZLThe Lost Episodes
Ian UnderwoodPiano Intro To Little House I Used To Live inBurnt Weeny Sandwich
Nigey LennonOpus OneUnreleased
Frank ZappaLittle UmbrellasHot Rats
Mothers Of InventionDirectly From Heart To YouWeasels Ripped My Flesh
Candy Zappa / Ed PalermoDirectly From My Heart To YouBottom Line 2002
Frank Zappa And The Mothers Of InventionAndyOne Size Fits All
Mothers Of InventionBrown Shoes Don't Make ItAbsolutely Free / Tinseltown Rebellion
Frank ZappaWhen The Lies So BigBroadway The Hardway
Frank ZappaIn The Newts We Got200 Motels
Frank ZappaI Left My Heart In San FranciscoThe Best Band You Never Heard
Frank ZappaThe Torture Never Stops (edited)The Best Band You Never Heard In Your Life
Frank Zappapeaches 3
Frank ZappaOnce Again, Without The NetGuitar
Frank ZappaInca Roads -for JamesYCDTOSA Vol. 2
Frank ZappaSleep Dirt -for LaylaSleep Dirt
The Mothers Of InventionHoliday In Berlin, Full Blown -for NoelBurnt Weeny Sandwich
Frank ZappaThe Deathless Horsie -for NoelShut Up 'N' Play Yer Guitar
Frank ZappaShut Up 'N' Play Yer Guitarshut up 'n' play yer guitar
Frank ZappaJoe's GarageJoe's Garage
Nigey Lennon / Mike KeneallyMesmerized CowboyReinventing The Wheel
Mike Keneally1988 Was Million Years AgoBoil That Dust Speck
Mike KeneallyOpen UpHat
Mike KeneallyPhysicsDog
Mothers Of InventionHelp I'm A RockFreak Out
The Mothers Of InventionMr. Green GenesUncle Meat
The Mothers Of InventionMr. Green GenesParis 1968
The Mothers Of InventionMy Guitar Wants To Kill Your MamaWeasels Ripped My Flesh
Frank ZappaI'm The Slime-Big SwiftyYCDTOSA Vol. 1
Frank ZappaCruising For BurgersCarnegie Hall
Frank Zappa Les CarterCar DiscussionKPPC FM 11-27-68
Frank ZappaCruising For BurgersZappa In New York
Frank ZappaThe Radio Is Brokeninterview excerpt
Frank ZappaThe Radio Is BrokenThe Man From Utopia
Frank ZappaCheepnis introRoxy & Elsewhere
Frank ZappaCheepnisYCDTOSA Vol. 2
Frank Zappa & Captain BeefheartDebra KadabraBongo Fury
Zappa Beefheart MothersCarolina Hardcore EcstasyBongo Fury
ZappaJones CrusherSheik Yerbouti
ZappaWhatever Happened To All The Fun In The WorldSheik Yerbouti
ZappaFembot In A Wet T ShirtJoe's Garage
ZappaFine GirlTinseltown Rebellion
Mothers Of InventionConcentration MoonWe're Only In It for The Money
Mothers Of InventionMom and DadWe're Only in It for The Money
Frank Zappa / MothersTween Mershi 1974YCDTOSA Vol. 2
Frank ZappaStick It OutJoe's Garage
Frank ZappaLet's Make The Water Turn BlackMake A Jazz Noise Here
Frank ZappaHarry You're A BeastMake A Jazz Noise Here
Frank ZappaOh NoMake A Jazz Noise Here
Frank ZappaTell Me You Love MeTinseltown Rebellion
Frank ZappaDirty LoveYCDTOSA Vol. 6
Frank ZappaMagic FingersYCDTOSA Vol. 6
Frank ZappaKeep It GreasyBuffalo 1980
Mothers Of InventionWho Are The Brain Police?Freak Out
Mothers Of InventionWPLJBurnt Weeny Sandwich
Mothers Of InventionWhy Don't You Do Me Right?Absolutely Free
Zappa And The MothersCamarillo BrilloOvernight Sensation
Frank ZappaHoney Don't Ya Wanna Man like MeYCDTOSA 4
Frank ZappaAre You Hung Up?-Who Needs The Peace Corps?WOIIFTM
Frank ZappaPeaches En RegaliaHot Rats
Frank ZappaThirteenYCDTOSA 6
Frank ZappaOutside Now-Jim & Tammy's Upper RoomGuitar
The Mothers Of InventionThe Downtown Talent Scout-Charles IvesYCDTOSA Vol. 5
Captain Beefheart & The Magic BandThe BlimpTrout Mask Replica
Frank ZappaBlack Napkins3-4-76 Berlin
Frank ZappaRubber Shirt-The Sheik Yerbouti TangoSheik Yerbouti
Frank ZappaChunga's RevengeTrance Fusion
Frank ZappaSharleenaYCDTOSA Vol. 3
Frank Zappa & Shuggie OtisAcoustic ImprovJohnny Otis Show 11-2-70 KPPC FM
Frank ZappaAdvance RomanceYCDTOSA Vol. 5
Frank ZappaClassical Music TalkInterview 1984
Frank ZappaMo & Herb's Vacation (edited)LSO Vol. 1
Frank ZappaFlakesSheik Yerbouti
Frank ZappaBlack PagesZappa In NY
Frank ZappaLonesome Cowboy NandoBest Band You Never Heard
Frank ZappaNight SchoolJazz From Hell
Frank ZappaYo' MamaSheik Yerbouti
Frank ZappaBaby SnakesBaby Snakes
Frank ZappaYellow Snow SuiteApostrophe '
Frank ZappaCity Of Tiny Lites10-15-78 Stony Brook, NY
Pierre Boulez -Ensemble IntercontemporainDupree's Paradise -for LaylaThe Perfect Stranger
Frank ZappaLet Me Take You To The BeachLather
Frank ZappaZomby WoofOver Nite Sensation
Robert CharleboisePetroleum (Produced by FZ)Swing Charleboise Swing
Frank Zappa & The MothersDinah Moe HumOver Nite Sensation
Mothers Of InventionStatus Back BabyAbsolutely Free
Frank ZappaLucille Has Messed Up My MindJoe's Garage
Frank ZappaChuchaMystery Disc
Reuben & The JetsIf I Could Only Be Your Love AgainReuben & The Jets For Real
Frank ZappaWould You Go All The Way?Chunga's Revenge
Frank ZappaBrown Moses / The Evil PrinceYCDTOSA Vol.1
Frank ZappaHeavy Duty JudyBest Band You Never Heard In Your Life
Frank ZappaMontanaYCDTOSA Vol. 2
Frank ZappaWatermelon In Easter HayJoe's Garage
The MothersBilly The MountainCarnegie Hall

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