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Interzone with Chris Phillips playlist for 04/13/2012

ArtistTitleAlbum (* = New Release)Link
devil himselfsafety scissorssafety scissors ep
on the might of princeswater vs. the anchorwhere you are and where you want to be
encrypt manuscriptphantom limb pain7 inch
your dj speaks`
radio raheemskin cells7inch
empty silos echo warwe share a frequencyinner working mechanics of a failt construct
lattermantoo many emo daysturn up the punk, we'll be singing
knox overstreetfast womendemo
radio 4how the stars got crossedthe new song and dance
your dj speaks
lord humongousdesmond tututhe hope machine
silent majorityexpectations516 - a long island hardcore compilation
hellfire boys clubmortgage your soullong island punks vol.1
the frantixfight for lifelong island punks vol. 1
your dj speaks
yes senseirussian or retardedhe who transplants still sustains
yes senseilet's pretend we're one of the cool kidswhat i do best is what i do worst
yes senseiway to be englishyes sensei
yes senseithe summer he experimented with shortsin excelsis
the waiting processsomething bigger than both of usthe hope machine
cracked actori feel bluelong island hardcore 20th anniversary
dude japanraft captainrok lok sampler 2011
your dj speaks
the insurgentmiles to gosplit w/ sometimes walking sometimes running
bunsen honeydewtransistortransistor
controlled bleedingu-boatsbefore the quiet
fellow projectvamanoswhere's the wire?
for serious this timea tin within a tini hope it pours
left leftrobot pounding yummyleft left (volume one)
your dj speaks
moody wallen bandjojodon't turn my tombstone into an effigymastermusiciansofportjefferson.blogspot.com
max landerla hacienda
1soda pop
your dj speaks
moody wallen bandlet it bethe supermen
classical destructioncommand center blues
10duet for fbi agents

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