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The Rock and Roll Dance Party playlist for 04/10/2012

ArtistTitleAlbum (* = New Release)Label
Screaming Jay HawkinsAll Night7"Sue
MilkshakesEvery Girl I MeetMilkshakes RevengeHangman
WashoutsSnake Eyed WomanI Was A Teenage WashoutGolly Gee
Rip Carson & the Twilight TrioHeart AttackStand BackRollin' Rock
Bloodshot BillRattle My Brain7"Transistor 66
Nine Ton Peanut SmuglersShot Full Of HolesDrop Some Leg!Dirty Water
Jimmy NormanJust To Get To You7"Dot
Freddie Flynn & the FlamesGreen Stamps7"Lyric
Johnny KayStarvation7"Tiger
Pike Cavalero & the Gentle BandolerosSix Shooter Blues7"Sleazy
Rhythm River TrioWastin' Time On YouWild Side Of LifeRhythm Bomb
Lee RockerWild ChildNight Traun To Memphisno label
Jim BoboJungle Rock7"Eko
Rockhouse TrioAct NaturallyThis RoadCrazy Times
Bloomin' BrothersFire Engine RedFeel Cool1+2
Milton AllenDon't Bug Me Baby7"RCA Victor
VicarsI Wanna Be Your VicarI Wanna Be Your VicarDirty Water
L'AssasinsGo!!!s/tBig Action
Les SoulesVillage Of LoveLost SoulsPsych Of The South
FabOut Little RendevousTrans World PunkCrawdad
Hush PuppiesLooking For Another Love7"Playboy
NovasThe Crusher7"Parrot
Paint FumesEgyptian Rats7"Slovenly
HystericsWon't Get Far7"Tottenham
Fall-OutsShe's Out ThereHere I Come And Other HitsEstrus
CikatrisJ'Aurais Voulu7"Sax
Moralens VaktareRulla Hems/tDead Beat
Guitar WolfJet SatisfactionJet SatisfactionGuitar Wolf
Gentleman JesseKind Of UptightLeaving AtlantaDouchemaster
Useless EatersYear 11C'est BonSouthpaw
OutdoorsmenCanibalisticShit Will Happen If You Use Your Stupid BrainRed Lounge
HussyMolly Molly7"Eradicator
AmoebasAin't About HerD-SidesModern Action
Fag CopFake BloodWhimpers From The PantheonRank Toy
Nasal BoysHot Love7"Periphery Perfume
Fuck EyesSocial DeathComplicatorTerminal Girls
Primitive HeartsKilling Timedemono label
BazookaMonkey Town7"Slovenly
Mark SultanLet Me FreezeWhenever I WantIn The Red
Atomic SuplexRock And Roll ActionBathroom PartyCrypt
LimitUh Ohs/tCheap Rewards
Escroto De RataHay Amores Que MatanPunk Rock Sex BasuraKiller Pandereta
SmogtownMy Only MistakeD-SidesModern Action
New CokeAll I Want Is Your Sunshine7"no label
RetrosThis GirlInner City RockersBDR
GG KingJoyless Masturbation7"Total Punk
Spray PaintPsychic Doug7"SS
John Wesely ColemanMy GraveThe Last Donkey SHowGoner
Don Norviel & the VisionsLittle Latin Lupe LuLost SoulsPsych Of The South
Untamed YouthI'm More Punker Than YouAn Invitation To Planet MaceNorton
SpivsMen Don't Cry7"Almost Ready
Charles AlbrightThings Have Changed7"Goodbye Boozy
Armitage ShanksIt's You7"Little Teddy
TherapistsJesus Loves You JudyHate SweatsJohnny Cat
White LoadCover Your FaceWayne's World 3/Godfather 4Load
Disco LepersSwastika BirthmarkClub Saracoma 18-30Pure Punk
ArsonCoho Coho7"Ugly Pop
GasolineKiller Man7"Egg
ConsumersConsumersAll My Friends Are DeadIn The Red
ComplaintsBad Decisions7"Complaint
CymaticsOn Way TicketRiot 2012no label
SkinniesOut Of Order7"Lectric Eye
SkrewdriverYou're So Dumb7"Chiswick
RiotsDance Your Problems Away7"Time For Action
feedtimeLoudmouthCooper-SRough Trade
Larchmont TrashCougarSpend The Summer With...Shdwply
TeenangerTired Of YouFrightsTelephone Explosion
Black TimeA Radio In The Darksplit w/Ty SegallTelephone Explosion
Tyred EyesToo Late To Make It Right7"Ken Rock
Actual WaterShe's A Priest7"Plastic Idol

a radio in the dark