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Interzone with Chris Phillips playlist for 09/06/2008

ArtistTitleAlbum (* = New Release)Label
Joy DivisioninterzoneWarsaw Demos
white fangtall shadowpur evil*marriage records
your dj speaks
the upsettersmusical transplantcloak and dagger lp
lee "scratch" perryshinerepentance*narnack
the moody wallen phantasm bandsupermanparaphrands*arcchway
your dj speaks
arab on radar2-10-99soak the saddle
the bananasheard you was a heartbreakera slippery subject
greg ginn and the taylor texas corrugatorspre-qualifiedgoof off experts*sst
grateful dead & the merry prankstersone-way ticketgrateful dead and the merry pranksters 65- 69 acid tests
unknown artistblue jeans salesman, thailand - morning sermon, cambodialeaf music,drunks, distant drumssublime frequencies
your dj speaks
abe vigodaworld map feversky route/star roof
random touchtripping so fancya box and a word*token boy records
anthony braxton/milford graves/william parkerthird meetingBeyond Quantum*tzadik
your dj speaks
richard youngs and alexander nielsenbeamourselves*
experimental dental schoolmicroscope lab voicesjane doe loves me*cochon records
swell mapsmidget submarinestrip to marineville
dc snipersdesolatelost lp*
don caballerocelestial dusty groovepunkgasm*relapse
the carbonasrockin the mulerock n' roll romance
mark sultantwo left feetsultanic verses
your dj speaks
the deviantsi'm coming homeptoof!
Eden Expressmarble in bloodque amors que
super daughternononothe animals we see*
Medeski, Martin & Wood/John ZornjeduthunZaebos (Volume 11)*Tzadik
your dj speaks
narcotic dreamsone lifeless eyeshattered
the hospitalshairdryer peacehairdryer peace*
getting out of bed*
rules of being alive*
ape lost*
this walls*
smearing thinking*