The Outer Library playlist for 12/14/2011

PhantogramDon't Move*
Desmond and the TutusKiss you on the cheek
Class ActressLet Me In*
Darkness FallsThe Void
End of Set 1
We are PiratesCanyon*
Meth DadRookie Card
Land of TalkQuarry Hymms*
End of Set 2
Michael Franti and SpearheadSay Hey (I Love You)
Altered ImagesHappy Birthday
Hot & ColdNo Dreams Tonight
Digital LeatherThe Fortress
End of Set 3
PyramidsThat Ain't Right*
Lana Del ReyVideo Games*
Idiot GleeBaby It's Cold Outside
Idiot GleeLittle Drummer Boy
End of Set 4
WoolfyLooking Glass
Joanna NewsomSpout and the Bean
Boy CrushTeenage Years Mean Couds*
End of Set 5
PictureplaneTechno Fetish*
Holiday ShoresThreepeat got old
Esben and the WitchHexagons II*
GPSMYTHThe Cat on the Porch*
End of Playlist

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