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The Outer Library playlist for 10/05/2011

Mr. GnomeBit of Tongue
Wax IdolsGold Sneakers*
Wax IdolsAll Too Human*
Gordon VoidwellD'Void D'Gordon
Senor StereoI am the Beat
End of Set 1
Punks on MarsHey! Tiffany
LightoutsThe Eloise Suite*
Wax IdolsDead Like You
Purling HissThe Hoodoo*
Senor StereoBabe We're gonna love tonight (feat Lookbook)
End of Set 2
MwahahaSleep Deep*
LyonnaisThe Fatalist*
Jacuzzi BoysAutomatic Jail*
No AgeFever Dreaming
End of Set 3
CoolrunningsThe Fool
Azealia Banks212
AnikaNo Ones There*
Request: Dropkick MurphysGoin' Out in Style
End of Set 4
Julia HolterGoddess Eyes*
Amen DunesBedroom Drum
MemoryhouseQuiet America
Youth LagoonCannons*
Toy CameraTall Trees*
End of Playlist

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