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The Outer Library playlist for 09/28/2011

Ximena SarinanaDifferent*
Alligator IndianHoney Eye Bee Leave Ewe*
Gordon VoidwellIvy League Circus
FriendsHis Girl*
End of Set 1
Love is AllNever Now
SugarcubesTitle Wave
Jacuzzi BoysMalta*
GigameshWhen You're Dancing (RAC Remix)
End of Set 2
Dominant LegsWhere we trip the light*
Xena & OaklanderSets & Lights*
Wise BloodNosferatu
Gauntlet HairKeep Time*
End of Set 3
DeerhoofSuper Duper Rescue Heads!
Roberto CacciapagliaMedia
Moses of AuraJaminal
Mood RingsPromise me Eternity
End of Set 4
PapercranesDust Season (Javlin Remix)
Little ScoutWe are Walking out
Amen DunesChristopher*
End of Set 5
Young GalaxyBlown Minded*
Sleep OverRomantic Streams*
Red HookHave Something to Say
Toy CameraTall Trees
End of Playlist

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