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The Outer Library playlist for 08/24/2011

Future IslandsBalance*
Making FriendzSituation*
End of Set 1
Super Wild HorsesBlack Book*
Oregon Bike TrailsHigh School Lover
Terrible TruthsDon Juan*
LightoutsAnd it comes and goes*
Future IslandsPinnochio*
Depeche ModeDreaming of me
Theme ParkA Mountain we love
End of Set 2
Terrible TruthsPatterns*
Junk CultureChippewa Kids (feat Sarah Barthel)*
Total SlackerPsychic Mesa*
Nahawa DoumbiaBanani
End of Set 3
Soft Power1300 Decibels*
Apache JacksonHotline Getaway
Bobb TrimbleLive Wire
Wooden ShipsLazy Bones*
End of Set 4
Gary ThingsFortune Teller
Secret MountainsWeepy Little Fingers*
Geoffrey O ConnerWhatever Leads me to You
Preteen ZenithExtraction
End of Set 5
I Break HorsesHearts*
SpectralsBig Baby*
No CeremonyHurtlove
Spanish PrisonersLos Angeles Guitar Dream (remix)*
End of Playlist

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