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The Outer Library playlist for 07/20/2011

Dum Dum GirlsComing Down*
Sweet BulbsDown on my life*
Alligator IndianTelepathic Boys*
HoneydrumSkin City*
End of Set 1
Computer MagicThe End of Time (Depford Goth Remix)
Jeff BarbaraSebastien
Blood DiamondsGrins
Asobi SeksuUmi De No Jisatsu
End of Set 2
Sweet BulbsFell in a cave*
AnikaEnd of the World*
Blood on the WallStoner Jam
PFFRJaponey Appoe
End of Set 3
Gold ZebraLove, French, Better*
Computer MagicScience Channel
End of Set 4
Eternal SummersPure Affection(Beach Fossils Remix)
Wet WingsStay Inside*
YachtParadise Engineering
Magnetic FieldsYou and me and the moon
End of Set 5
Ela OrleansI know*
SteffalooThe red runs free
Secret CitiesIce Cream Scene*
Toy CameraTall Trees*
End of Playlist

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