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Friday Night Free-Form playlist for 07/08/2011

Gettin' jiggy wit it!

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1. BRIAN ENO - the real / glitch
2. COM TRUISE - vhs sex / flightwave
3. NUTKO - fractious / mint free
4. JOHN MAUS - streetlight / head for the country
5. WASHED OUT - eyes be closed / amor fati
6. PSYCHOBUILDINGS - no man's land
7. HANDSOME FURS - bury me standing
8. GARDENS & VILLA - spacetime
9. MEMORY TAPES - sunhits
10. ARC IN ROUND - spirit
11. THE DISAPPEARING ACT - houdini escape
12. HELADO NEGRO - 2 dia
13. CHOP CHOP - slavery
14. CULTS - go outside
15. THE DEMOS - tell me how it feels
16. MAZES - emptyroom
17. ULYSSES - won't back down
18. BLACK LIPS - dumpster dive
19. COMPANY - waiting for saints to arrive

Tonite's "Battle of the Bands" set: UNKNOWN MORTAL ORCHESTRA vs. THEE OH SEES...

in the 1960s, somewhat comically, record labels came up with this crazy concept to take two of their artists and put an LP out that would be called "Band A vs. Band B" where one side of the LP would be all tracks from 'Band A', and otherside tracks from 'Band B'. For instance: "The Beatles vs. The Four Seasons". Of course, the bands weren't competing at all, and probably didn't even know about the LP being released until after it was already out. In the spirit of that crazy concept, here's a set of tunes by THE UNKNOWN MORTAL ORCHESTRA vs. THEE OH SEES (but since this is radio, not an LP, instead of each band having their own side, the bands take turns alternating tracks)

20. UNKNOWN MORTAL ORCHESTRA - ffunny ffrends
21. THEE OH SEES - i need seed
23. THEE OH SEES - stinking cloud
24. UNKNOWN MORTAL ORCHESTRA - through ballune
25. THEE OH SEES - pleasure blimps
26. UNKNOWN MORTAL ORCHESTRA - jello and juggernauts
27. THEE OH SEES - wall a century 2
28. UNKNOWN MORTAL ORCHESTRA - how can u luv me
29. THEE OH SEES - whipping continues
30. UNKNOWN MORTAL ORCHESTRA - strangers are strange
31. THEE OH SEES - corprophagist [a bath perhaps]